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Erykah Badu Gets Butt-NAKED For “Window Seat”

Posted by Media Outrage on March 28, 2010

Erykah Badu is sure to have the internet buzzing for a long time with the debut of her new video “Window Seat” in which she strips down to her BIRTHDAY suit.  Was anyone paying attention to the lyrics? Lmao… just askin… Peep Erykah and her phatty when you

18 Responses to “Erykah Badu Gets Butt-NAKED For “Window Seat””

  1. tyree said

    i didnt know she had a fatty

  2. Smurfette said

    She has always had a nice shape, but no one knew cuz she don’t dress like a whore! Lol

  3. Verbalism said

    I would expect any other artist to do this but not Erykah…not a good look.

  4. Blessed38LA said

    I am very surprised! not Erykah! Though, I am happy for her that she’s keeping a nice figure, for her age. I guess I will excercise much more.

  5. joneblaze said

    Nice tight juicy booty,but I want to see an unedited version of that vid
    No wonder common and andre fell hard for her

  6. Yeah I Said It said

    Please explain to me the purpose of removing all of her clothes? I listen to the lyrics and did not get the same message she stated at the end. At first while hearing the lyrics i though she may be saying give her a window seat for the next season of her life. She started taking her clothes off and nothing made sense. Her statement at the end did no fit into her video.

    • Kanyade said

      she says it’s about groupthink, about evolving as an individual only to have ‘the group’ take you out (assassination).

      she was on twitter last night talking about it; getting folks responses.

      i kinda got that message when i realized where the vid was shot. the grassy knoll where JFK was murdered.

      i’m assuming the lyrics go along with her evolving (or having evolved) as a woman, a mother, an individual. i like the song better than the video mainly because the vid is disturbing…which is what i think she was going for. 🙂

  7. Cut Up said

    “Not a good look” Folk be smoking crack!! That was a very good look, A great look. My new favorite video of all time. It is the message behind the video. What she was really trying to convey. Not a bad visual either.

  8. ucanb2 said

    Didn’t watch.

  9. brynnrock said

    WOW, took my breath away!!! Yes, people are scared of the unknown and to respect an individual. I loved the lyrics, video and most def. the message to myself and all. Peace! P.S. I didn’t know little Eryka had a shape like that!

  10. Teena Thomas said

    Ms. Badu strikes again. Love her… she does what the hell she wants!!!!!!!

  11. Marathon_Man said

    Damn Erykah’s ass is PHAAAAAT. I almost flipped over this desk with no hands.

    Like the video and the message she’s pushing. I would butt-fuck her until my penis fell off.

  12. Terrance said

    Damn, I missed it! Its been taken down.

  13. brynnrock said

    Oh and you did miss it Terrance!!!!! Lovely and beautiful in everyway.

  14. ALLISWELL5 said

    Luvs me some BADU!

    Georgia Peach.


  15. gg said

    I wud eat her ass hole

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