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Gabrielle Union Parties In Atlanta

Posted by Media Outrage on March 29, 2010

Gabrielle Union got her party on at club Davinci in the “A” on Saturday night.  Gabby is looking fine as usual.  Does Gabby portray a diversified set of characters in films or has she been type cast into playing a particular kind of role??

More Gabby shaking a tail-feather when you

6 Responses to “Gabrielle Union Parties In Atlanta”

  1. Kingston said

    She plays the same type of roles. I have yet to see her in a film that properly displays her acting abilities.

  2. Blessed38LA said

    Yeah, about most women are playing her role. Being a homewrecker is nothing nice, and what goes around comes around. The men are also to blame for allowing it to happen. Party on Gabby, happy to no that D Wade will be paying your bills, now. You no longer have to look into the future to no about your bills, nor financial assets. D Wade has it all covered for ya.

  3. brynnrock said

    Boy, she is trying to get that hair blonde. Black white girl.LOL

  4. Blessed38LA said

    My reasons for calling Gabrielle a homewrecker, is because she has messed with other married men besides D Wade. But, ol girl gotta get her bills paid, to stop creditors from calling. Women need to leave married men alone, and Men need to leave married women alone. Judgement day is coming people, won’t be long as you think.

  5. MissTX said


    And remembering roles she has played, yeah she kinda is typecast. But she mixes up the way she plays them, so it’s not that bad.

  6. ucanb2 said

    I believe that she has been typecast… not in a bad way, but still typecast.

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