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The Beautiful Jill Scott Covers Essence

Posted by Media Outrage on March 29, 2010

Jill Scott is looking nothing but beautiful on the May cover of Essence.  We are really feeling this exciting cover.  This cover looks like there was actually a real energy during this shoot.  Peep a few quotes from Jill when you

“Ever since I had my son, I feel like there’s a stitch of lava in my spine. I feel like I can do anything.”

“I felt completely overwhelmed by being a mom. I always wanted it, but when I actually got it, it was so much more than I had anticipated…”

“I’ve always liked and appreciated myself, but now it’s deeper and stronger and I like it.”

Essence’s report:

With a string of lead movie roles under her belt and on the eve of a new album, the inimitable Jill Scott covers ESSENCE’s May issue — looking and feeling better than ever! In “And Baby Makes 2″, Jill is photographed at home with her 9-month old son Jett, as she opens up about the difficult road that led her to single motherhood, the sister circle that helps her get by and the perfect life she enjoys today.

56 Responses to “The Beautiful Jill Scott Covers Essence”

  1. Kingston said

    LOVE you Jill. And appreciate the honesty and fearlessness of that article on interracial relationships. Beautiful cover!

  2. Kanyade said

    Vibrant, gorgeous, love this woman. Her first album will always be my favorite. Such a good record. 🙂

    • Kingston said

      Kanyade, Have you read her poetry book? “The moments, the minutes, the hours”? She had some amazing poems in that book.

      • Kanyade said

        No I haven’t but since you’ve mentioned it *writing down* 🙂

        I know Alicia Keys came out with a book when she first blew up; I think it was poems too.

      • Kingston said

        Yeah, Alicia had one called “tears for water”. I read that as well. It was decent. But Jill has way more depth than Alicia.

        Here’s an Excerpt from Jill’s book, A poem called “Radio Blues”

        Do me
        Screw me
        Tease me
        Please me
        Freak me
        Leash me
        Lick me
        Suck me
        Oh God, where are the love songs?

        One of my faves! That book is great.

  3. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    *kneeling* Thank you JESUS, Essence paid for a photoshoot and now just rip another photo fromt he read carpet, Thank You Lord!

    Will always say this, Jill has a beautiful face and O M G at her Jazz/Blues style… Love her!

    P.S. How can Essence say “Love your hair”, then have “Weave intervention”, plus Jill is wearing some tracks, isn’t she?

    Yeah- and i APPRECIATE the honesty too. 🙂

    • Mr. 13in said

      Hey Love…

      85% of it weave.

      I know it tough to believe, but while she can sang, she can’t grow hair.

    • Kanyade said

      You have a point.


      I’ve often wondered along those lines myself. Esp. when someone says they’re ‘natural’, yet they wear extensions…of natural hair. 😐 And then they say, “well it’s just hair” to excuse the fact that ‘natural’ women can wear ‘natural’ extensions to and still be considered ‘natural’.

      Talk about shades of gray. 😛

      • Sapphire Storm said

        I have to agree. I’ve had my hair natural more than once & it was just a hairstyle to me, not a cultural statement or display of personal insight. I just tried something different. But my cousin, on the other hand, feels SO strongly about not having chemicals in, not just her hair, but anyone’s hair. As if she’s more proud of being black just because she gave up the Dark & Lovely. Not all, but some people with naturals come off like that. As if a perm means you’ve assimilated.

        :As, I said, some, not all:

        But what cracks me up is my cuz gets her hair blown out every month and flat irons it straight just about everyday. Come to think about it, that heifer got some micro braids in right now! :laugh:

      • Kanyade said

        LOL Like I said there’s so many shades of grey. 😆

  4. sweet_tea said

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Jill Scott! I already got my floor seats to her tour w/Maxwell…it’ll be probably my 4th time seeing her live but she NEVER disappoints! She has such a strong yet graceful persona that shines in both her music & her movies. I can’t wait to read the full article!

    • Kingston said

      I’m seeing them on the 19th of June when they come to Philly! Never seen either one live before, but I can imagine what type of show they’ll put on esp. that Maxwell.

  5. Yasmine T. said

    I love Jill Scott’s look and personality. Can’t wait to hit the theater this Friday for Why Did I Get Married Too? Her cover is so pretty.

  6. Blessed38LA said

    Nothing but beautiful. And she is a lady that speaks what’s right. Time for your movie on Friday, Jill. Their are so many that don’t no why they got married.

  7. brynnrock said

    We love Jill Scott in our family because we call our daughter Jill Scott- her hair is just like hers. So we always say-Jill Scott watcha doin? Always had respected for the woman.

  8. brynnrock said

    Oh, I didn’t know her hair wasen’t natural, you sure? My daughters hair looks exactly like hers and its all her. Wow, I can’t believe that, she sure fooled me.

  9. MissTX said

    Beautiful cover.

  10. BadBadKitty0727 said

    You are definitely in for a TREAT seeing Jill Scott in person. Her recordings really don’t do her voice justice.
    Maxwell on the other hand……. I don’t know. Never seen him before, but the performances I’ve seen on TV make me wonder about how much help he gets from studio equipment.

  11. […] The Beautiful Jill Scott Covers Essence « Media Outrage […]

  12. Blessed38LA said

    Ok Kanyade, you love Jill so much. So, why were you complaining about Jill and Janets heads being so huge, on the poster of Why Did I Get Married Too. I really admire Jill and Janet, and regardless to how messed up a photographer shoots their photo, I will not say anything bad about the photo, because they are still the same person. I did respond to your comment that you left, saying: Don’t come at me. Girlfriend, I came at you. Have a nice blessed life, Blessed38LA. P.S. And keep on wondering along Jills lines, you just might get discovered (HAHAHAHAHAHA). I do apologize for using the term football head, toward your photo.

    • Kanyade said

      @ Blessed38LA, 😐 *sighs*

      First of all, do NOT come for me AGAIN. I did not send for you so do not come.

      Secondly you are blowing SO MUCH out of proportion.

      Thirdly, I’m not TRYING to get discovered. *sighs*

      Fourth, the image in my icon is of PHYLLIS HYMAN. I take no issue with you calling HER head a ‘football head’. Trust and believe I lose no sleep.

      To answer you post below, I’ve no doubt that Jill can grow long hair. I am happy for you that YOUR hair is long and pretty and you are beautiful.


      And you have no idea how much I love Jill Scott’s music, so please fall back. I made a joke about the poster for Why Did I Get Married, Too?, a joke, an observation, rather on the disproportion of the HEADS on the BODIES of the ACTORS and you come for me.

      It leads me to believe that you were just itching for a fight; itching for someone to say something (in your mind) contrary.

      But the simple fact remains, I was commenting on the movie poster and NOT Jill. Jill is beautiful and gorgeous, talented and lovely and I’m a fan and have been since “Vol. 1”.

      Please don’t be so sensitive. Fall back and don’t come for me again.

      M.O. Can ya’ll PLEASE get Blessed38LA off my tittyballs already? I ain’t do chit to her, yet she STILL feeling some kind of way. Pls and Thank you.

      • Blessed38LA said

        So, why would you use another persons photo image other than your own? Yeah, get mad, the truth has gotten to you. You can keep falling back on your own tittyballs, I’m not a lesbian, never have never will be. I’m happily married. You just said something you should not have said, and that was Jill and Janets heads looked huge on the poster, on Why Did I Get Married Too. I said it once and I will say it again. I admire Jill and Janet regardless to how a photo look of them. Now, if M.O. would like to she can try and find you a man who would even want to touch your tittyballs. Not even a ugly as-million dollar man. I’m now falling back, but I’m not the one angry at you. You got upset about the truth. Love ya M.O. and God bless ya, Kanyade.

      • Kanyade said

        Yeah and God bless you too. You and your ‘truth’ ‘coz I have no idea whatsoever what you’re talking about. There’s a pop culture reference to ‘tittyballs’ that you obviously missed (check Chappelle’s Show…or better yet, don’t; ‘coz you still won’t get it.) 😆

        Oh and I use Phyllis Hyman’s image because I love her work. She was a beautiful, talented woman much like Jill. And I use ‘her’ image probably for the same reason you DON’T use one—anonymity.

        And with that said, “nom-no-ro-nay-kay-oh”, feel free to lighten the fck up, have a Coke and smile and a blessed day.

      • Yeah I Said It said

        Ok K, will you please tell me how to make the smile where the lips are moving?

      • Kanyade said

        “:” “lol” “:”

        😆 😀

      • Yeah I Said It said

        Thank you, “:” “lol” “:”

      • Yeah I Said It said

        😦 what am I doing wrong?

      • Yeah I Said It said

        Got it 😆

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        YISI, remember how i thought you, you’re making me look bad rookie lolololol

        Put colon(:) then word and close with colon (:), no space. For example, :bigpenis: God i wish there was one for it lolol, DO NOT put the quotations.

        Here are some more, now go play, lololol 😆 😀
        🙂 🙂 🙂
        😀 😀 😀
        😦 😦 😦
        😮 😮 😮
        😯 😯 😯
        😕 😕 😕
        8) 😎 😎
        😡 😡 😡
        😛 😛 😛
        😐 😐 😐
        😉 😉 😉



      • Yeah I Said It said

        LMAO, Thank you Ms Thang…. :smirk:

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        hahaha, i dont think there is a ‘smirk’ one lolol, WordPress doesn’t support all of them, 😦

        Here are the words, just complete with other colon…


  13. Blessed38LA said

    One more thing Kanyade, my real hair is long and pretty, I am beautiful. Trust me, if Jill wanted long hair she can grow it, she have the money. It is not about the weaves, extensions, or braids. I adore her wonderful talent. Too many people today are more concerned about a persons hair, their nose, and so fourth. It’s all about the person within. Yall, don’t worry about Jills hair and the shape of her head, she is everything God made her too be. As far as you all may no, she could remove her weave and have long hair. Don’t let her fool ya.

    • brynnrock said

      Just like my girl, has beautiful hair and not mixed, keeps a weave and some braids. I am like girl why? show that hair, she says it is just easier for her to maintain with work and kids. But yeah, you can get fooled , I did when she showed me all that hair!

  14. Yeah I Said It said

    I saw her on Law and Order this week and she can act her ass off! Go on Jill do you.

  15. YOUNG BERG said


    • Blessed38LA said

      This is for you, YOUNG BERG. Jill probably can’t keep a black man because he’s too controlling. Apparently Jill has good taste and good knowledge, if not, she would allow the men to run over her. YOUNG BERG, if you were Jill, and men took you through what Jill has gone through, then, would you allow them to keep mistreating you? I don’t think so. Jill does not care about a mans interest. It is all about true love, honesty, respect, toward her and all women, regardless to size or race. There is nothing wrong with Jill.

  16. Kanyade said

    MO, please remind me to never comment on a Jill Scott post ever again.

    I’d no idea the ‘calvary’ was out to get me. 😆

    I can’t say it hasn’t been fun. I’ve never had ‘e-beef’ with anyone before LOL 😉

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Yade, ‘e-beefs’ are FUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! Nothing like putting some serious wrinkles in your forehead for some dirty remarks, then later increase your blood circulation by laughing so hard, you literally fall off your chair, tears and all, esp. when you realize the person is a ‘pshyco’. It’s just disappointing, when they get you hot and bothered and you can’t understand their rationale’ and your like “shit all that wasted energy – for NOTHING”, i HATE when they’re DUMB AS F*CK, if ever i was a ‘hater’, just HATE IT!

      Anyhoo…. Welcome to the “Hate Club” lololol, i’m the president/ceo/coo/accountant (all donations are appreciated lolol) lololololol 😆

      • Yeah I Said It said

        I don’t care about anyone I can’t see. I have learned after last year not to roll with cyber gangsters cause that’s all they are. None of the post on this site should be taken seriously especially when it’s about so called celebrities. I am the secretary of treasure of the Hate Club.

        I am joke about violence but it’s just that. Hell in person I would really mace them down first. Some of these screen names take it to a whole nother level for shit. I just want to laugh cause it’s the best medicine. By the way where is R. E.?

        Have a great day and lighten up folks! 😎

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        I see you’re using your smilies, good job! Practice makes perfect lololol.

        Nothing is ‘personal’ to me, would you know it – I HATE GOSSIP and people who do, i really do come for the ‘laughs’, which is why i seem to ‘tear down’ celebs, but IT ISN’T THAT SERIOUS! I also like when ‘important’ topics are posted, i always appreciate the opportunity to learn, esp. something NEW! I do understand however that behind every post is an ACTUAL PERSON, so some things do resonate more with some folks, JUST DON’T ATTACK ME, i like DIALOGUE, it may get heated but IT ISN’T A FIGHT! So i hate when people post “watch out for ‘some folkS’, we know how ‘they’ will get”, WHO GIVES A F*CK?! STOP BEING SO SENSITIVE!

        I hate when people assume you ‘hate’ because you pose a different view point than their’s, go on another post and do what you just did, VOICE YOUR OPINION and will defend themselves to the wire, talk about ‘free speech’ very HYPOCRITICAL.

        Lastly, I HATE WHINY PEOPLE, JUST LOG OFF, if EVERYDAY, you come to this site to COMPLAIN, esp about REGULARS, meaning you will see them EVERYDAY, why bother? GO SOMEWHERE ELSE or as i always say “A GAL DON’T LIKE WHAT MI SAY KEEP IT INSIDE, CAUSE I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU FEELINGS”!

        “The tendency to whining and complaining may be taken as the surest sign symptom of little souls and inferior intellects.”
        ~ Lord Jeffrey

      • Kanyade said




        *waves hankie in the air*




      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        * waves hankie back at Yade *

        “Write while the heat is in you. The writer who postpones the recording of his thoughts uses an iron which has cooled to burn a hole with. He cannot inflame the minds of his audience.”

        “Severe truth is expressed with some bitterness.”

        In short don’t get ‘b*tchy’ and start whining all over the place or ‘pull back’ when your ass can’t handle what you asked for/provoked, MOVE on or Log off! THAT is how you let ‘peace’ reign 😆 😆 😆

    • Blessed38LA said

      I’m just a lady that tells the truth, like Jill. I don’t drink coke, I desire to live a long life through our Heavenly Father. Now, you are right for telling M.O. to remind you to stay off of Jills posts. You stated on another one of Jills posts, that you love her music, but said nothing toward Jill herself. And this Calvary is a trueful righteous one, trying to change satan doers that say things they shouldn’t say. You now stated on another one of Jills post, she should have played a part in Why Did I Get Pregnant, but you love Jill so much. No woman knows how a man will change before, or after a pregnancy. You can believe, the fault was on the man, not Jill. The Calvary is only trying to change satan talkers, that say things they should not say. Through coming at you, just don’t come back for me. I was never angry at no one before I came on media outrage, and still not angry. I’m always happy with a smile on my face, without an image. JEHOVAH sees me and hear me. Bless you always Kanyade.

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        With the amount of father, calvary, Jehovah, you must be R. E McGillicuddy … R. E McGillicuddy is that you? lolol, then again you don’t quite carry the ‘quip’ 😦 that crazy/funnnaaaay combo was UNMATCHED, lolol.

    • Sapphire Storm said

      ‘Yade you make me jealous! Maybe I need a cyber gangsta bully lol. People don’t enjoy “coming at” me because I take the joy out of it. I either LET them have the “victory” or ignore them–which tends to provoke them even more, because as the saying goes “Everything alive, big or small, desires acknowledgement.”

      This is usually my response, if they even get any– “Okay… You’re right… No, seriously you’re right… Okay, I just said you’re right. Ok…You won. Why are you still talking?… Now you’re just talking to yourself because I’m done.” & I laugh the whole time lol

      It puts you in the mind of a child throwing a tantrum. You just ignore them. After they post about 4 or 5 comments with no response from you, they’ll get tired & go take a nap lol.

      ***I’m still confused about why your one comment got selected for cyber warfare ???

      • Kanyade said

        I’m confused as well, but THANK YOU for that awesome quote!

        And thank YOU 2020 for your quotes. That’s some good stuff there 🙂

  17. Yeah I Said It said


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