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Which One Would You Hit???

Posted by Media Outrage on March 29, 2010

Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose were on set shooting Nicki’s “Massive Attack” video looking like two blonde barbie dolls.  We’re going to skip the logistics of the video, location and theme and jump straight to the question that we want to know most:  Which one would you hit???

More Nicki and Amber when you

35 Responses to “Which One Would You Hit???”

  1. mizzsimplicity said


  2. Amber is a mute to me and Nicki…well she just seems possesed. I’ll take the mute. Amber.

  3. MissTX said

    Yeah they do look like 2 blonde Basic Ass Ridiculous Bitches Imitating Everyone’s Swag.

  4. SMOKE said


  5. Atlantaaaaa said

    Two trashy looking dikes!

  6. name (required) said

    i aint for violence against women, nor have i hit a girl playing around, but if you mean literally “hit” them, then yeah i’ll slap the hell outta both of them, they NEED one

  7. blakmaine said


  8. mAc said

    MO i want BOTH! but If i had to choose then i’m going with Amber. But that would be one hell of a 3-some. Both could get the business!

  9. Ima Be A Drug Dealer Forever said

    give me nicki minaj. she thicker

  10. Bronx-made-me said

    why women be leaving hatin’ ass comments that really pertain to the fuckin fellas? both these women prolly look better than most of the dumb bitches leaving comments on MO.

    Im a nigga so ima answer the question that was meant for the niggaz.


    • brynnrock said

      Tell em, someone needs to! Cuz they don’t listen and when you do speak to them with some common fuckin sense your crazy! But yeah, it was for the fellas, how do women always get into the post?

  11. Ladybug808 said

    stop hatin! both are beautiful black women and amber is tha sh!t. Not a big nicki fan though.

  12. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    BOTH…. Nicki with some oil sheen and amber with a doctors appointment, those leg legions are really bugging me.

    I would use the mop on Nicki’s head to sweep them BOTH in that Black Steel Garbage Box behind them.

    They upset me ALOT, the fact that they think they look ‘good’, makes me VERY embarrassed for THEM. 😦

  13. Teena Thomas said

    YUCK!!!! Both of these chicks are a major FAIL!!!!! First of all these Dyke ass chicks look a hot assed mess. The nasty overgrown weave… For real tho….. Amber… SMH Damn do this chick ever wear anything but Leggins????? Come on now… I hate Nikki’s and Ushers new song…. UGH too much GAY shit going on in society as it is… really do we need lil girls running around looking like this… SMH>>>>>>

  14. Marathon_Man said

    thats a “Hard” one but i would smash the oxygen out of AMBER rose 1st.

    I feel Nicki though. That azz is phat! fake or real still phat!

  15. Grand Hustle 4 Life said

    Nicki Minaj all day.

  16. I HATE MO! said

    Amber has the better body. Their faces are equal. Give me Amber or give me Life.

  17. Popmykollla said

    why can’t women give other women their props? all i ever read on the MO boards are hatin’ jealous comments from nothing but women. scratchin my head… nicki minaj.

  18. mAc said

    revisited this post….”someone pass me some LOTION”

  19. Doesn’t look like Nikki is rockin butt pads she might be as thick as advertised. This is a common case in which i plead the “Fif” and just go with both and increase my fine/dime to mutt ratio.

  20. Cut Up said

    I been back and forth with this one here. At the end of the day I’ll take me some Amber. She’s asking to be choked out rocking that “cut like dat”. And, I will “Cut like Dat”

  21. Random said

    Nicki is just sloppy..Period!! Some squats/lunges can do wonders ;)…

    Looks like Amber’s put on a few good! Better get back on that poll darlin’…

  22. ucanb2 said

    Being a ‘STRAIGHT FEMALE’ I wouldn’t hit either!

  23. Amber….next question.

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