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Aubrey O’Day Out and About

Posted by Media Outrage on April 1, 2010

Aubrey O’Day was spotted wandering the streets of LA last night probably en route to some sort of social event.  We don’t quite know what kind of advice to give Aubrey being that she won’t be burning up the charts anytime before the Rapture takes place. 

More images of a wandering Aubrey when you

4 Responses to “Aubrey O’Day Out and About”

  1. Yeah I Said It said

    She was on the way to the postoffice!

  2. Kanyade said

    I know she’s young…but she looks hella old here. Like matronly old.

    What does she do these days? Is she singing still or…

  3. CrescentCityQT said

    Wow…she’s as relevant in my mind as Danity Kane is to Badboy…SMH!

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