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Nicki Minaj- “Massive Attack” Video

Posted by Media Outrage on April 1, 2010

Nicki Minaj’s “Massive Attack” video has hit flat screens everywhere.  Check it out and let us know what you think…

7 Responses to “Nicki Minaj- “Massive Attack” Video”

  1. joneblaze said

    Well…its fun looking at her body in the vid

  2. blakmaine said

    Not her best song

  3. Kanyade said

    Meh 😐

  4. Satui said

    first time I heard this song I hated it, but since nikki’s a female mc I really want it for her…so I forced this shit…I pressed repeat and listened to it over and over and after numerous visits to the toilet and about three bottles of aspirin the song actually sounds decent to me now, but this video…this video right here…iono I think the replays on this one is gonna kill me…

  5. What-Wait-Huh? said

    The song and the video or both trash.

    1. What is the song about?

    2. What is video about?

    3. All that hype about Amber rose and she didn’t add anything to the video

  6. mAc said

    the way her ass is “jinglin baaaaby” this shit should be #1,#2,#3,and #4 on the 106 countdown.

  7. Kingston said


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