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Look Who’s Still Stuntin’ For The Cameras

Posted by Media Outrage on April 2, 2010

Kim Kardashian has the paparazzi on speed dial at all times equipped with her exact location and coordinates.  Well yesterday afternoon in Miami was absolutely no different.  She lounged poolside at her friend Loren Ridinger’s mansion.  In each of these photos our spidey senses are detecting an unseen MIDDLE FINGER pointed in Reggie’s direction, you see it too, don’t you…

17 Responses to “Look Who’s Still Stuntin’ For The Cameras”

  1. Lio said

    Man….She has a nice body

  2. she looks healthy 🙂

  3. Mr. 13in said

    Off topic I know, but Howard Stern can kiss my ass.

  4. Verbalism7 said

    Even if she was giving Reggie the finger, I’m sure he doesn’t give a damn. Carry on.

  5. MizzMimi said

    gosh i wish she get some business and sit the f*** down.

  6. MissTX said

    She has great taste in swimsuits. I will give her that.

  7. Aniyaqt said

    Such a mediaWHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    Love the bikini!! she looks great

  9. Kanyade said

    I wish I had an ‘irrelevancy’-AK.


    Nice sash and bikini though.

  10. acona said

    they can say whatever but dammm …she’s hot

  11. cstyle said

    Body is just too too bad for TV!!!

  12. MamaMia said

    Don’t go away mad, just go away.

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