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Beyonce Steps Out

Posted by Media Outrage on April 4, 2010

Beyonce threw on some Daisy Dukes to grab some dinner with Jay-Z last night at Nello’s in New York.  We must say them legs are looking mighty appealing.  What say you about the outfit?

More Bey and Jay when you

26 Responses to “Beyonce Steps Out”

  1. Atlantaaaaa said

    I see that she has gotten those thighs in order. They didn’t use to look like that. Go head Bey!

    Outfit: Jacket has to go…in the trash…immediately. Shoes are okay.

  2. acona said

    I just love her…she looks great

  3. Verbalism7 said

    Hated it!!!!

  4. Verbalism7 said

    Daisy dukes while going to dinner…seriously? You can do better than that.

  5. BadBadKitty0727 said

    i like Bey, but when left on her own to dress herself, it almost always is………FAIL! Damn.

  6. CRACK IS WACK said


  7. Sue Baby said

    Love Bey. I’m trying to figure out what the guy in back of her is doing. LOL!

  8. Guy in back of her is shining a flashlight at the f**kin ground so her dumba**-wearing sunglasses at f**kin night can see.

    Only dumb ne*gro*s with $$ can think of this kind of stupid s**t to spend it on.

  9. Kanyade said

    This is a case for wearing heels when really you know she wanted to WEAR FLIP-FLOPS/SANDALS 😆

    And what’s up with the Chanel jacket? Love it but she looks like she grabbed it, too and threw it on.

    Hope dinner was good! 😛

    • kekelolo said

      Don’t you guys ever role play? That is what Jay-Z and Bey are doing. I love role play when you and your husband pretend to be someone else and you do things you normally wouldn’t do. Bey is dressed like a hoochie and Jay-Z is picking her up for the night for a one night stand. Try it, it is so much fun!

      • Kingston said

        LMFAO!!!!! OMG!!! @ Bey is dressed like a hoochie and Jay-Z is picking her up for the night for a one night stand.

  10. PsychNurse said

    Is it me or does Jay Z look like Mr. Ed?

  11. Verbalism7 said

    What is ol’ boy flashing his light on?? Beyonce’s azz or legs maybe?

  12. MoneAlicia said

    Apparently so did her stylist. That bish should never be allowed to go on vacation.

    Gorgeous legs tho. Woooork!

  13. Drew-Shane said

    never thought about the setting but loved the look. she keeps getting smaller, I like some meat on her bones!

  14. MissTX said

    The hell? Since when did pink and blue & white match?

  15. jwill66919 said

    That is a sexy ass woman, Damn

  16. Kingston said

    Yeah those shoes are HOT!

    The rest of her outfit is a mess. Who wears a “batty rider” with a jacket? Is it hot or is it cold? She seems confused about the weather.

    I thought Bey was suppose to be “fashionable”. And she stays in heels. She’s gonna break her ankles one of these days.

  17. Random said

    Kindly step back In.

  18. Nina said

    Like the Chanel jacket.

  19. sexy lady said

    She never could dress. She tries 2 hard 2 be different. But it doesnt take away the fact she looks good is rich talented and could wear a brown paper bag and a b**ch s/where is go try it look at the body suite e/one has one or s/thing similar in there video.

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