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Damn She Thick

Posted by Media Outrage on April 4, 2010

Up and coming singer Shanell attended the Artist Watch at G Uptown in NY last week.  We’re not really familiar with her music but the thickness is waaaay on point.  We’ll have to YouTube her to see what kind of vocal skills she’s working with.  More Shanell in a minute…

8 Responses to “Damn She Thick”

  1. Verbalism7 said


  2. BadBadKitty0727 said

    A connected nose & earring? Really? Dragon-lady Chinese nails with designs on ALL of them? Seriously?

  3. Good googly moogly….dayum!!! Wow, the f**kin fiddle..don’t matter with legs like that.


  4. Just did some checking…she is the older sister of D. Woods. Recognized them legs bfore. Where the hell does her mama/family come from? And are there more??????

  5. Stubabyq said

    Nice weave.

  6. Kingston said

    She looks demon possessed. If me and her got into a fight, the first thing I would do is yank that shit out her damn nose. She looks like a mad woman.

  7. Ambassador said

    I did not know Shanell was that thick…. I see why Wayne hired her fine ass.. lol.

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