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Fellas Does It Really Matter If A Woman’s Cakes Are FAKE???

Posted by Media Outrage on April 6, 2010

Fellas we want to know if it really matters if a woman’s cakes are FAKE??  Being that more and more women are hitting up doctors and getting booty injections, does that really matter?  Would it turn you off if your woman equipped herself with some FAKE cakes??

34 Responses to “Fellas Does It Really Matter If A Woman’s Cakes Are FAKE???”

  1. mAc said

    Long as that thing feels real…proper dick insertion will FOLLOW.

  2. Jake da Snake said


  3. justme said

    Does anyone know of any big booty pills that actually work till I get my money up for the injections? Please list if you do.

  4. Random said

    guys don’t give a flying hoot because they can’t tell the diffy anyway.

  5. Udamnright said

    nah could care less if it’s real. if the bubble is too extreme then i’d probably figure it was fake but would still shoot til my ish went limp,

  6. X-man said

    an oninion is good and everything but if her face is BUSTED then it’s a no go for me, im all out.

  7. Popmykollla said


  8. Sapphire Storm said

    Ok, totally off topic here, but, MO, ever since I stumbled across this blog I have noticed that among the changing opinions, various screen names, evolving gravies, & hilarious comments, there’s something that remains the same—

    Nicki Minaj Is Wearing BUTT PADS & How To Suck Yo Man’s Penis The Right Way And Make Him See Ghandi!!! tend to stay at the top as TOP POSTS…

    Ya’ll some freaks… & I like it 😉 😆

  9. matula said

    Moi je n’epouserais pas une femme qui a subi des interventions chirurgicales mais je ne pense qu’on ressent la difference quand on trempe le biscuit! lol

  10. Raapheal said

    MO I wouldn’t want my girl going out getting butt injections even if her ass was flat. I would want her staying the same way i found her. Thankfully the woman I talk to already has a lot to grab on back there so no needles necessary.

  11. I Eat Azz Regardless said

    Doesn’t matter because that’s my specialty – EATING AZZ!

  12. Marathon_Man said

    I like everything real and authentic. Wouldn’t be down with my girl getting butt implants. Nah that’s corny…it’s not like that’s going to help her take this ANACONDA any better.

    • 私は愛を午前 said

      *scratching head* MM is that you?! 😯

      • Marathon_Man said

        Yup that’s me lol. No need for implants. I knw how to spot a big real booty a mile away so im good.

      • 私は愛を午前 said

        See THIS is why i want to apply the strap to that ass when i see you doing stupid ish, cause you KNOW better son 👿 . I was ready to sing you ‘lost one’, but glad you’re in for the ‘real deal’ :thumps up:

        Anyhoo, tomorrow is my Bday, so sing me a song lol, i’ll be allllll woman then 😉

  13. Cut Up said

    I’m with MM on that one. I will sleep better at night knowing that I have %100 bread and butter. Fake Butt? “I ain’t even with the weave and nails too much” Let alone something you can’t even take out or off.

  14. Dominikingz said

    The fact that my woman is natural makes me more attractive to her. When women get plastic surgury and shit like that, they have deep emotional insecurity issues and that for me is a turn off.

    • 私は愛を午前 said

      *tears* I must say for the most part… I’M PROUD OF OUR MALE READERS!!! 😥 😥 😥 :thumps up:

      • Kingston said

        LMAO! Me too. I was shocked at some of the comments (in a good way). I see some of them has common sense.

      • 私は愛を午前 said

        Yeah, Thank God! Because i was just about ready to cut my fallopian tubes 😆

        Kudos MEN! Just for that, us ladies will have a ” free ‘pum-pum’ ” day lolololol 😆

  15. Mr. 13in said


    Without the cock of a proper length, you can’t even come close to tapping that.

    She would swallow you up like Monstro did to Pinocchio and Gepetto.


    Now that the trap has been set, which one of ya’ll is gonna start braggin to me about your cock?

    You know I’ve been waiting all day for you.

  16. RAFIQ said


  17. 40 said

    Not at all, real or fake as long as it’s big, round, and shapely I’m going in lol

    I’d hit coco’s fake ones with just as much energy as Cubana Lust’s (hers are real right?) haha

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