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Shaq’s Mistress & Wife Throw A Double Team On Him

Posted by Media Outrage on April 6, 2010

While Shaq was busy sowing his wild oats, Shaunie was up to some other stuff.  Peep Game.

15 Responses to “Shaq’s Mistress & Wife Throw A Double Team On Him”

  1. brynnrock said

    Love it! Good for your girl and take him to the bank and cleaners.

  2. Yeah I Said It said

    And he though his big dumb ass was doing something. 😆 Shaunie you my girl!! 😎

  3. naw man!! This will set a bad precedence….the wife conspiring with the mistress? WTF? What happened to the vaseline jar and gym-shoe beatdown?? This ish right here puts the game on a whole ‘notha level. The mistress can hire herself out to the highest bidder in a divorce settlement.

    Brothers will now require their mistresses to sign NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements) AND non-competes. WTF?

    • Yeah I Said It said

      hahahahahha ok I miss class 101 on the vaseline jar???? help me out, I know about greasy down for a fight,but lost on vaseline jar and gym shoe beat down. Are you talkin in a pillow case?????

      • MissTX said

        YISI he’s probably referring to using a whole jar of Vaseline and putting on your tennis shoes to beat a heifer down. LOL!

    • itsurboi said

      dont forget about the sock full of nickels, just in case your outnumbered.

  4. Sapphire Storm said

    LOL, @ them teaming up! My co-worker is on this site cracking up, she loves this post! I see where Shaunie’s coming from, I mean, so many ppl leave on emotions & don’t have a true plan. & it’s not like ball players have the rep of taking care of their ex spouses who were there for them from the beginning. Get ’em girl!

  5. MissTX said

    Thumbs up for Shaunie! Now that’s being game smart.

  6. Mr. 13in said


    Love this stuff!!

    Go Girlies!!

  7. Kingston said

    LMAO!!! That’s what his dufus ass gets!

  8. justme said

    this feels almost as good as when Angela Bassett lit all her husband’s shit on

  9. 私は愛を午前 said

    Ok so when is it “OK” to steal a man’s money?

    If you didn’t work for it then you didn’t earn it, hence – you don’t DESERVE IT. If there isn’t an infidelity clause in pre-nup, i doubt “Shaq’s infidelity” will guarantee her MORE MONEY, which is all she wants anyway and what “mental abuse”? Shaq has been cheating for how many years now? And YOU stayed right? How is that shaq’s fault?

    Seeing as though it has been PROVEN that shaunie went back to Shaq ONLY to ‘catch’ him and she ‘worked’ with jump-off, isn’t that ‘reasonable doubt’ for Shaq to claim he was set up and this ‘relationship’ he had with jump-off was all ‘staged’, idk.

    Shaq is grimy as hell and i hate cheaters, but what i hate more are STUPID women like shaunie who stay with men who cheat and now are BITTER because not they will HAVE TO WORK for their money instead of depending on a man. Get a J-O-B like the rest of us, why should she get Shaq’s money, because she was ‘hurt’ and didn’t ‘deserve’ this, puh-lease. A faithful NBA player is like a honest politician, not yet made! So don’t be acting ‘surprised’ now that this has happened to you. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    The person this ‘teaming up’ is helping is the jump-off, for sure she will be getting more from Shaq than if she was alone, which is taking from shaunie’s ‘potential money’, all shaq needs to do now is file an ‘infidelity claim’ right back at shaunie, which isn’t too hard based on internet photos, all evidence collected by shaunie might be inadmissible in court, plus shaq has the expandable income to ‘fight’ shaunie until the end if he wants to.

    All she is due is CHILD SUPPORT, i don’t even agree with alimony. If you leave a company, are you still entitled to get pay?

  10. PsychNurse said

    Shaq’s dumb ass was at least smart enough to get divorce in Florida which is a no fault state….no 50% here

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