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A Little Bit of Gabourey Sidibe

Posted by Media Outrage on April 7, 2010

Gabourey Sidibe was spotted in Japan doing some promotion for Precious.  It might be time to embrace a whole lotta celery.  We like Gabby though.  More Gabby when you

11 Responses to “A Little Bit of Gabourey Sidibe”

  1. Sumarrain said

    Not a good look, seem like Gabourey has gotten a lot bigger and greaser

  2. ucanb2 said

    I like her as an actress, but she does need a nutritionist and a PR person.

  3. raerae said

    She will lose weight just like the rest but leave her alone thers more important things………

  4. Satui said

    I’m sorry MO but did u do that on purpose…”a little bit of Gabourey”…i think I fuckin wet myself…a little piece of her is still big as hell in the long run…

  5. Kingston said

    Wow. Where in the hell did those leopard shoes come in? I’ve come to the conclusion that she doesn’t know style or cares anything about cordination.

  6. Verbalism7 said

    I don’t think this girl deserves the ridicule she’s been getting.

  7. MissTX said

    Gabby you’re cool with me but you seriously need to fire your current stylist or hire one.

    Leopard print shoes? Seriously? Hell animal print period is a no-no!

  8. BadBadKitty0727 said

    She really is a sweetie, but “a little bit” and her name in the same sentence……? MO got jokes!

  9. Atlantaaaaa said

    Maaaaaan, that girl is so big her feet are even fat as hell. Damn, I feel sorry for her. She should get that bypass surgery.

  10. mery said

    great actress but honey you need to lose weight to cut down on health bills!!

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