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Coolio No Longer A Wanted Man

Posted by Media Outrage on April 7, 2010

Coolio did the right thing and showed up to court which led a Judge to lift the $10,000 bench warrant against the wack ass rapper:

Via TMZ:

We’re told the rapper finally showed up to court yesterday for his progress report hearing — which means the $10,000 bench warrant that was issued on Monday for his arrest is no longer active.

According to court officials, Coolio proved he’s in compliance with his probation — including his participation in drug rehab.

Coolio pled guilty to possession of a controlled substance back in June, after he was arrested at LAX airport with crack.

Coolio is due back in court on January 18 … hope he makes it.

One Response to “Coolio No Longer A Wanted Man”

  1. sexy lady said

    What the hell?! where did yall dig up THIS SH*T? LOL! Yall had nothn better 2 do! lmao

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