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Rihanna Covers NME Magazine

Posted by Media Outrage on April 7, 2010

Rihanna is looking perrrrty on the cover of NME Magazine.  She speaks about record companies doing product placement in videos.  Peep game…

“I don’t like things to be so commercial. I hate product placement in my videos. Videos should just tell the story of the song. With product placement, it becomes this big ad campaign. I just don’t like that. Sometimes we have to (use products in music videos), for whatever political reason, but it’s never my first choice.”

7 Responses to “Rihanna Covers NME Magazine”

  1. kekelolo said

    Well Rhianna, read these comments because the people here will surely tell you when you are “f__king up.”

  2. Verbalism7 said

    Rhianna, you’ve already sold out so STFU! BTW, this cover stinks.

  3. Kingston said

    Rihanna has become a predictable bore.

  4. MoneAlicia said

    As long as ur stylist doesn’t eff up, we’re good. I have a crush on Rih’s style!

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