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Tiger Woods Banged Neighbor’s 21 Year Old Daughter

Posted by Media Outrage on April 7, 2010

Tiger Woods was letting all the chicks see his miniture gold club –  the one in his pants.  He allegedly banged his neighbor’s 21 year old daughter.

Via Radaronline:

Add another one to the list.

Tiger Woods slept with his neighbor’s 21-year-old daughter, having a one-night stand less than a mile from his home.

Even as Tiger returns to golf, the wreckage of his secret life of cheating continues to grow larger.

A shocking new report says that Tiger slept with Raychel Coudriet, who lives in his Isleworth neighborhood outside Orlando.

Coudriet is now 22 and recently confronted Tiger when all his mistresses were revealed because she was furious that she was just another conquest, according to the new issue of the National Enquirer.

The Enquirer says that Tiger and Raychel began making out within sight of his house while Elin was home. They then had sex in a private office Tiger keeps nearby.

And, staying true to his pattern with other women, Tiger texted Raychel repeatedly after their tryst. But, according to the report, she felt guilty about having sex with a married man and never got back together with him.

The Enquirer was first to reveal Tiger’s cheating secret by detailing his relationship with Rachel Uchitel.

Mediaoutrage–  SMH.

13 Responses to “Tiger Woods Banged Neighbor’s 21 Year Old Daughter”

  1. Yeah I Said It said

    I am just so sick of this storyline. I don’t give a damn what hole Tiger stuck his head,face,mouth,hand,fingers,arm or d*ck in. Either come out with it all as a whole and move on or these people need to STFU!! This shit is back page news now.

  2. Yvonne said

    Damn!!!! I don’t know if the neighborhood chick story is true or not but with his track record I wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. MissTX said

    I would say I don’t believe it because it’s coming from “National Enquirer”. But with what’s already come to light….

  4. Kingston said

    “confronted Tiger when all his mistresses were revealed because she was furious that she was just another conquest”… Well WTF did she expect? The man had a wife, so of course she was nothing more than just one his many “nuts”.

    And I’m leaning towards not believing this story. Whatever.

  5. ucanb2 said


  6. Mr. 13in said

    This is an Enquirer based report…right?!

    If so…know that this a scam story.

  7. Definitely don’t believe this story because of #1 The source #2 The timing of release

  8. Osbert said

    Is this still news? I this was me in a situation you’d never hear about it. This happens everyday, guys cheating on their wives and wives doing the same. Come on enough is enough

  9. RAFIQ said

    SO AND SHE’S 21.

  10. Doris said

    I agree with “YeahI said It Said”. This shit needs to stop. Don’t people have more important things to talk about. The women were all whores and/or sluts. They knew he was a married man when they laid down with him, So I hope they get what they desire and I don’t mean money either. How many other celebrities have they slept with hoping that something like this would happen and then they could get paid too.

  11. you losers said

    Lol at the idiots like Yeah I said that. Why don’t you STFU? It’s not your website is it? And it made you click on it… Blame yourself for that. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t click.

    Stop defending this idiot, Tiger. Why would YOU make excuses for him. And of course it’s true, why would you doubt it for even a moment? He did it, and now it’s coming out. He made this happen. Let it all see day light…

    Hey at least he doesn’t kick it with whitepower/ nazi chicks. Though Sandra does have the sense to get the hell out, which Erin doesn’t.

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