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First Lady Covers Good Housekeeping

Posted by Media Outrage on April 8, 2010

Michelle Obama is smiling ear-to-ear on the cover of Good Housekeeping magazine.  MO readers are you feelin’ this cover???

17 Responses to “First Lady Covers Good Housekeeping”

  1. brynnrock said

    Beautiful picture of our First Lady!

  2. Sapphire Storm said

    Her face looks photo-shopped to the point that it almost looks painted & cartoonish. Which is a real shame because she truly is a beauty. I like the colour of the dress.

    • MissTX said

      I thought the same thing Sapphire. They went too far with the photoshop. And I agree with her still being a beauty.

      Love your new pic by the way.

  3. ucanb2 said

    Beautiful…I must purchase this copy!

  4. Kingston said

    I Love Michelle O. She’s such a beautiful and classy lady. But I hate when Mags alter images to an extreme. This cover, she looks unreal, even her hair.

    • Sapphire Storm said

      Exactly. It’s like they don’t want to promote NATURAL beauty. Not everyone needs to be smoothed out. Some imperfection is good. Got my girl Michelle looking like she got on a damn lacefront! 😡

      • Kingston said

        Yes! They got her looking like she borrowed one of Brandy’s lacefronts. Speaking of hair, I saw your new pic, and you betta work Honey!!! You look “gawjus”! Love the hair! Do you have highlights in the front?

      • Sapphire Storm said

        *cat walk strut & throws hair* Heeeeeeeeeeey!

        Thank you Kings! :setting aside my man beef with you lol: Yeah, I highlighted the bangs that’s it. I have jet black hair so trying to do something different with the colour is SO hard. & matching my complexion-don’t get me started lol. Thanks for the sweet compliment, I was nervous about it…

        :picks up plate of beef again:

        Now what did you say about Lance the other day?

      • Kingston said

        Well it looks great! And blends with your skin tone perfectly. Yeah, I know with jet balck hair, you don’t want to lighten your highlights too bright.

        I have light brown hair and I LOVE highlights, but I don’t wear it too often. I love switching styles tho, but I have to be mindful of the job setting blah blah blah lol…

        And hmm… Sapph, don’t think because I gave you a well deserved compliment that means that we’ve made peace lol. Because when Lance gets posted on MO again, the WAR is ON!!!

      • Sapphire Storm said

        “… I love switching styles tho, but I have to be mindful of the job setting blah blah blah lol…”

        I feel you on that one! I like to wear my hair in messy styles or even spikey-mohawk styles and then wear my business attire. I like the contrast. But you don’t want to make anyone feel “uncomfortable” lol.

        “Because when Lance gets posted on MO again, the WAR is ON!!!” —- Yeah, like a pot of neck bones!

      • MissTX said

        Damn now I want some neck bones. LOL

  5. who's that lady? said

    A lady to admire and to think we never saw her in a bikni dancing in a music video etc. What is the world coming 2? lol

  6. Nina said

    She still looks like a black version of the Christmas Grinch and yeah, I said it.

  7. diva_mommy3 said


  8. MoneAlicia said

    @ Diva_mommy3 I think she’s already done hype hair. Or one of those other hair mags.

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