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LisaRaye: When I See Rocsi You Will Hear About It

Posted by Media Outrage on April 8, 2010

LisaRaye has made it very clear that her feelings about Rocsi the homewrecker have not changed one bit and when she sees her we will hear about it.  Peep what she had to say to about the situation and her photo-shoot with Black Men magazine when you

You have been going through your divorce to former premier Michael Misick for over a year. Is it final yet?
When you’re going through a divorce, that’s sad in itself. When you’re fighting the man that runs the country, that is a totally different thing. It’s a different country and they don’t do things the same way we do things over here. The divorce is final. The second part, which is the divorce settlement, is not.

You signed a prenuptial agreement. What seems to be the hold up with your settlement?
We are still going through that now. This man has lost his position, his lifestyle, family, and his government legacy. That is a lot. He’s facing not only an investigation, but also charges. And not just from the governmental standpoint, but he also had charges for rape. That’s a lot for one man to take on. And he loses his wife.  I get that there are some other priorities in his life. My thing is that I’m waving my flag over here going okay so we agreed that we are no longer interested in being together. So let’s be fair with each other.

What would be fair? Do you feel he owes you something?
I took my money over there to do business deals. And so now that my money is filtered with his—there was money that was not given back to me. Now that I’m in the middle of everything that [he] created for [himself], ultimately what he created for us because I’m his wife. It’s not fair. Let me have mine. Give me mine and let me go back to doing what I do. That’s where my anger came from. I’m not really interested in what I can get out of his riches. I’m interested in mine.

Many people feel that you married him for the money. Are you a gold-digger?
The perception that they have of me — I could give less than a damn about. I say this to them. I dug for gold in high school. I’m a platinum girl now. I’m an international person. I don’t even like taking out the trash. I don’t dig for anything. I don’t have a garden either. Every relationship that you embark on is some kind of business relationship. You got to look at it that way. You got to protect yourself, not just from the man next door, or Uncle Sam, or the IRS, you got to protect yourself from anyone you’re in business with. So you better look for someone that’s going somewhere who’s trying to take you with them. Money attracts money. Power attracts power. You ain’t got to tell the white girls that. Look at Jackie Kennedy Onassis. She stepped from Kennedy to Onassis. Do you think she stepped from Kennedy to Burger King man? No.

Did you know Rocsi
I knew Rocsi in the mutual respect that we were both public figures. And she interviewed me before on 106th and Park.

Were you shocked when you found out about Rocsi and your husband?
I’m never shocked, girl. I don’t put anything past anyone. I was very disappointed in the way it was handled. Because to me,  if you’re going to do whatever you’re going to do… respect your [and my] home. Do that over there, not here. And the way it was done so publicly with people calling me saying, ‘Hey, you know I’ve seen pictures on the Internet in your backyard? And I see that she flew in and you flew out.’ I didn’t know that she knew my husband.

Have you seen her since?
Have you heard that I’ve seen her? You will hear about it. I’m sure that you will.

Mediaoutrage-  This is a very interesting interview.  Lisa really goes in, so read the rest of it by clicking here.

26 Responses to “LisaRaye: When I See Rocsi You Will Hear About It”

  1. Yeah I Said It said

    I told you ain’t n honor among Golddiggers, Platinum diggers or whatever you want to call it. At the end of the day old girl got to look at her own self. Say that shit all you want Lisa and you my girl but are you happy??? If you were you would be gettin it in and fuck the past.

  2. MissTX said

    Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  3. ucanb2 said

    Already…get on with your life, you may not get your $$ back.

    • Atlantaaaaa said

      For real. With all the legal ish that he is caught up in she sure may not ever get her money back. Sad. But, she chose to marry that nothing ass nicca that she knew hardly anything about.

  4. pretty girl said

    Rosci is a good for nothn cheap a** wanna be i used 2 admire her b4 this at the womans house at that i feel u lisa hope the cameras catch there next meet and greet.
    Lol 😉

    • Save the feeling sorry for LisaRaye. She AND Misick were promiscous before AND after getting married. She cannot stand on her high horse and try to intimate that she was betrayed. Lisa was gettin it in with MANY entertainers and ballers after getting married, simply because she COULD, and like the old story goes…you can’t make a ‘ho n2 a housewife.

      Too bad Misick didn’t remember that rule. F**k the all ‘ho’s you want, but wife the booksmart, sensible one. A ‘ho will always be what she is….until she is an old ‘ho.

  5. BEN Affleck said

    These filthy SPICS need to keep their hands off of white and black people.

  6. Verbalism7 said

    Gold digger, Platinum seeker…its all the same. She’s trying to make herself look like an upstanding business woman. I see straight through that crap.

  7. name (required) said

    ahahahahahahaha, she just mad cause she ain’t gettin no money, ahahahahahahahaha

  8. Can he break her off her cash so she can shut up?

    • Danibabygurl…that’s what ya’ll don’t get. LISA GOT HUSTLED BY A HUSTLER. This fool has NO money. Didn’t have it when they met, don’t have it now. He was the PREMIER…no bigger or different from the damn mayor, or governor. He was probably in financial straits when they met….and he was tryin to get at HER stacks.

      Its the law of the game (if you decide to play that is…), eventually ALL hustlers get hustled. Lisa spend her time gettin $$ chasing (progressively) HS-dope dealers, athletes, entertainers, and finally government officials. The moment she let her guard down thinking she had finally met a straight-laced “sucka” (i.e. a quick lick)….she got hustled by an even BIGGER hustler. Now he ballin wit HER $$.

      Go read Gen chapter 29 about Jacob and his Uncle Laban…and what happens when a slickster, gets hustled by an even BIGGER slickster. Don’t feel sorry for Lisa.

      Shit…he might pursue HER stacks through alimony…lol.

  9. Nina said

    Rosci!?!? She is so worthless and a z-list…if I were Lisa I wouldn’t waste my time on her.

    • CrescentCityQT said

      I co-sign on that. If Lisa really wants to show her “platinum” status she should take the lady route and hold her head up and high and walk away.

  10. 1coolazzchic said

    really lisa? u serious? who give a damn? i hate this show…hate the commercials that they show every damn commercial break on tv one. even if i did consider watchin this shit, i wouldnt now after being raped wit the commercials. once i saw her star, doing it, or some bs like that i thought, wtf? when? what i miss?

  11. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Why she got beef with Rocsi? If/when “your man” cheats, the wife/girlfriend always wants to go after the “other woman” when the issue is with “your man.” HE’S the one who cheated! Damn!

    On the flip side, Rocsi ain’t gettin’ no prize. Misick will be lucky if he stays out of jail.

    @Nupe – your shit is right on point. LisaRaye thought she had finally “arrived” being the “first lady” of Turks & Caicos. Like I said before, if she had done her homework on the islands, it’s history & culture, she would’ve known she wasn’t getting shit but a pretty house, a few toys and ass-kissing by some of the people of T&C. There are no “rich” officials of Caribbean islands – and if there are, you can best believe they crooked as hell.




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