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Drake Explains Why No Other Young Money Artists Are On His Tour

Posted by Media Outrage on April 9, 2010

Drake will be on tour for 2 months but didn’t bring any of his other Young Money co-horts along for the money maker.  Peep why…

Via MTV:

After Monday night’s kickoff in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, Drake’s Away From Home Tour is under way. The outing lasts until the end of May, so fans of the 23 year-old performer have ample time to catch and opening acts Francis and the Lights and K-OS on the road. But what about his family from Young Money?

“A lot of the Young Money artists are doing their own thing,” Drake explained to MTV News on his opening night. “I know Nicki [Minaj] is recording her album. Gudda is on a run right now.

“It was never brought to me that anybody had the time permitting to be on this tour for two months,” Drizzy continued. “Everybody is working on their albums and stuff like that. I love what a lot of people in Young Money have going on right now. But at the same time, I did say to myself I didn’t want other rappers on this tour opening up.”

Drake also said that he didn’t feel comfortable placing his fellow Young Money artists on an “opening” level below him.

“I didn’t want to stick anybody in my opening slot,” he added. “Nicki Minaj is a superstar, so to ask her to be on [the tour], unless we split the tour and both had equal time … Gudda, same thing. Gudda has his own things going on. They’re my friends, my family, I just don’t feel comfortable being like, ‘You wanna come open for me?’ It’s a weird thing. But I love ’em all. They’re all doing great things.”

7 Responses to “Drake Explains Why No Other Young Money Artists Are On His Tour”

  1. Kingston said

    Who gives a shit? Why does he keep pushing back Thank me Later? By the time he drops it, i’ll be so ‘over’ Drake.

  2. MizzMimi said

    I love Drake, he so wants to please everybody. At least he has respect for his fellow artists that he aint willing to step on them to get to the top *coughs jay-z* #kanye shrug

  3. Atlantaaaaa said

    What the hell eva.


  5. Kanyade said

    Drake Explains Why No Other Young Money Artists Are On His Tour

    “So I won’t have to split the money six ways.”


  6. MoneAlicia said

    Cause he didn’t want to catch any cases. His clique is kinda gutta.

  7. who's that lady said

    Cuz its HIS tour not yung money’s

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