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CAKE Everywhere

Posted by Media Outrage on April 10, 2010

Kim Kardashian was spotted getting that booty of her’s nice and wet at the beach.  We know there’s a long line of black athletes and entertainers waiting and ready to skeet up in that thang.  More Kim when you

40 Responses to “CAKE Everywhere”

  1. MoneAlicia said

    Work! Her body is sick.

  2. Lio said

    fine as hell

  3. Tia said

    And she knows she got it goin on

  4. joneblaze said

    Even though Reggie likely hit it about a thousand times,pics like this make you want to talk her back into bed with empty promises,and hit it again

  5. Random said

    A thong bikini would’ve been better..*rather than having your ass crack on full display*

    No “hate” here..just giving some fashion/style tips 😉

  6. Can’t hate on the girl her body (real or fake) is sick.

  7. who's that lady said

    Again very attractive girl but whats the point of this “article”?

  8. MissStep said

    This is just flat-out tacky. Even though my body looks 2x better than hers, I would never have my crack hanging out in public. Wack!

    • THE ICEMAN said

      Shut the fuck up and prove it! you have an icon for a pic. Ish please

      • Me2 said

        Y dnt u STFU!!! Ur comments r “annoying” & u need 2 pick ur bottom lip up n wipe the slobber 2 cause she aint thinking bout ur ass so stop defending her hoe ass Just cause ur dumbass like her dnt mean everybody else do n if we did want 2 look like that its very easy 2 run 2 the nearest surgeon like her ass did so GTFOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • THE ICEMAN said

        If my comments are annoying stop reading them. I am not drooling but everyday some women is on here hating this lady she does not give a fuck about you either but you are commenting just the same. Plus check your spelling before you call me dumb. You shorthand half spelling blog detective ass wannabee, with your double broke Me2 asS name. I can tell you are a follower instead of a leader because you named yourself Me2, Wish you was rich all you can say is Me2. Wish she (Kim) was not on here say Me2 and fucking disappear rat bastard. Make it happen because I lead not follow. SO YOU GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.

    • Cutty said

      I second that…. some females so quick to hate, but when it’s time to show and prove all u hear is them crickets

    • Mr. 13in said

      Post a pic please…

      Until that time…highly doubt it!!

  9. cstyle said

    damn body is too cold to mess with!!! im no athlete but im knocking on her door like the IRS up in this piece!!!

    we gotta stop hating on KK and pay the rent she a cold piece

  10. MissTX said


  11. Nina said

    I wish I could build a rocket ship, and have Kim blasted off into space to never return.

    • Aniyaqt said

      Right?? LOL

      • THE ICEMAN said

        Stop hating and hit the gym and get your body like that. If your body is like hers then get some of the cake she has. Some of you women are still getting hit and getting bubblegum and potato chip money. SHe did not ask for the notoriety but she has it, Get Over It And Deal With It!

  12. Mr. 13in said

    That is the style…if you’ve got it like that.

    Sounds like dressed up “haterade to me”…sorry.

  13. Joseph said

    She needs to get herself a real black man. As fine as she is, a real black man would be walking arm-N-arm with her.

  14. SuchALady said

    Nothing stylish about showing the crack of your a$$.

  15. NikkI said

    KK’s body is hott!!! I don’t understand why us females discriminate against each other and hate on the next. If you had a body like hers you would flaunt it too. I’m sure her ass crack showing was not intentional! Yea, she made a sex tape…SO THE FUCK WHAT?!! Everyone goes through a promiscuous stage at some time or another, I’m sure everyone that has posted has been through that stage and some of you may still be there. Us ladies are one…let’s quit downing the next! I wish I had a body like hers and I’m not ashamed to say that. I’m not fat….light skinned, long hair, brown eyes, 130 lbs and I have a 2 year old son. My stomach isn’t like it was before I had him but I’m not gonna down the next woman who hasn’t had a child with a six pack, I’m just going to work on mine…! Damn ladies…it’s 2010! Let’s get it together! Seriously!

    • Jode said

      It’s your lucky day! For the low price of $14,000, you TOO can have a HOT body like Kim’s…..

      Breast Implants – $4,500
      Brazilian Butt Injection – $9,500

      Prominent Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons are awaiting your call!

      • NikkI said



    • Aniyaqt said

      What is wit all the “hating/haters?” The term is just soooooo

      We as females “do” have it 2gether this chic aint do “nothing” 4 us 2 like period –sex tapes, golddiggin etc. WHO likes/respects that??? With that being said nobody has 2 like her nor is she here 4 us 2 like…so quit w/all the hatin crap

      BTW, if I was dark skinned & didnt like u then I guess I’m hatin’ on u since ur light skinned????? Like really, it’s called an “O P I N I O N” SMDH

    • THE ICEMAN said

      Well said and very well stated. Now yours is a good post.

  16. THE ICEMAN said

    I suggest that all the people who do not want to see KK just keep it moving. For example if you don’t do crack you wouldn’t sit in a crack den, so why should you keep looking at someone that you do not like. Because as I said before some of you are getting banged up for potato chip and bubblegum money and not reaping any benefits. I know because the envy and vapors are inevitable. Poof!

  17. Random said

    Opinions..Opinions…What’s with the HYPOCRISY? Shouldn’t the BOTH of you be taking your own advice? Do you honestly expect everyone to have the SAME EXACT OPINION on here…*or anywhere else for that matter*…If you don’t agree/don’t like with something said on this post…kindly hop on over to the next one and spare us all the ‘hating’ bullcrap…

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