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Rihanna Talks Boyfriend Matt Kemp

Posted by Media Outrage on April 10, 2010

Rihanna spoke about her relationship with Matt Kemp to Ryan Seacrest.  Peep the audio by clicking here.

13 Responses to “Rihanna Talks Boyfriend Matt Kemp”

  1. Sumarrain said


  2. Kanyade said


  3. Tia said

    Who really cares

  4. verbalism7 said

    Why is this news?

  5. Can we be over this chick already?

  6. who's that lady said

    Who is he?

  7. acona said

    they look good together

  8. brynnrock said

    Moving to fast in the same direction…CRASH

  9. ucanb2 said


  10. itsurboi said

    Ding Ding Round two

    • Kingston said

      LMAO! You know I heard that Matt is a woman beater too.

      I hope not cause she don’t deserve to get her ass beat again (Well, only when she does those stiff wack ass performances, THEN she needs that ass kicked j/k lol).

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