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Alicia Keys Performs In Oakland

Posted by Media Outrage on April 12, 2010

Alicia Keys brought out those massive hips for screaming fans in Oakland at ORACLE arena this weekend along with Robin Thicke and Melanie Fiona.  Alicia had the cage set-up on stage with her.  For those who have seen A. Keys in person, is she worth your hard earned money?

Alicia, Robin and Melanie when you

27 Responses to “Alicia Keys Performs In Oakland”

  1. sexy lady said

    Never seen her live but have seen different performances on tv and i wouldnt mind payn top dollar to see Alicia live in person great entertainer

  2. MissTX said

    I would’ve loved to see Robin & Melanie.

  3. ucanb2 said

    Should have been a good concert!

  4. Kanyade said

    I’d love to see her live! 🙂 Please, feel free to buy me tickets 😛

  5. diva_mommy3 said


  6. Aniyaqt said

    Wonder how she feels bout Swiss Beatz “LOVE CHILD??”

    *** Y’all missed that one

  7. Annaleisha Mae said

    I’ve seen AK twice last year. Very gd! Worth my £. Plus her ticket prices r nt extortionate unlike Bey, who I saw this year… AK is so brill w/ her arrangements!

  8. sweet_tea said

    Not to rain on the AK parade but… I wasn’t that impressed when I saw her last week in LA. It was the 4th time I’d seen her live & I was on the 6th row- I went there with high expectations. Not good. First,Robin Thicke wasn’t there- he gets a pass for having a baby & all but this is LA- there wasn’t ANYONE who could have filled in? The city is FULL of broke ass entertainers dyin for a show at the Staples center, to just leave that space empty is ridiculous. They would have been better off staging a mock AK Idol & pulling up chicks from the crowd, playing his album, SOMETHING. At minimum, she could have had Swizzy spin something on the turntables- it was just empty waiting time in between poor Melanie (who I felt bad for- I don’t think 5 people there were rockin to her) and AK. The Element Tour was just like the As I am show, not much changed & it wasn’t too exciting. She always represents vocally but I’ll be happy to stay home next time.

  9. Ladykaycee10 said

    Yes I would and yes I have!!!… I’ve seen her live 4 times and even got to attend a meet and great back in 2004 @ a show in Mt. Pleasent, MI….Alicia is just an all around great performer and since I’m a lover of music, I choose to focus on that aspect instead of focusing on her personal life like so many others do.

    • Sandra said

      I’ve seen her in concert twice now and I love her show BUT vocally she just doesn’t get over each note as easily as other singers which is cool though.

  10. Kingston said

    I’m an AK fan, so yes I would love to see her live. So pissed that this tour won’t be coming to my city because I would LOVE to see Melanie and Robin as well.

  11. Skrilla said

    i’d a been mad if I went and she had her ass covered like that. Alicia is fine as fuck.

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