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She’s NOT Done With Nicki Minaj Just Yet…

Posted by Media Outrage on April 13, 2010

There are plenty folks out there that LOVE Nicki Minaj and really ride with her but then again there are some folks who really DON’T.  Peep game

4 Responses to “She’s NOT Done With Nicki Minaj Just Yet…”

  1. Atlantaaaaa said

    Wow. She hates Nicki. That must be some ole NY beef. But, on the real. Nicki can flow but that whole Barbie doll gimmick shit might get played out quickly.

  2. Me2 said

    I love Keys!!! Comment^^^^ like r u serious??? What flow?? She AINT GOT 1….LOL Keys will blow the mic outta NM hands & send her back 2 Ken!!….

    4real 4real Keys is bad so 50 or whoever needs 2 sign her cuz’ I’m sick of this rehearsed wack a@s bubblegum chic & I’m ready 4 some “REAL” SH*T—-Team Keys

    • Aniyaqt said

      LOL…yeah we can pretty much send her off in that Barbie van(join from back in the day) if Keys get signed–BON’ VOYAGE BITCH!!! LOL

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