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Meagan Good And Her CAKED Up Grill Party In NYC

Posted by Media Outrage on April 14, 2010

Meagan Good must have had a case of the heavy-hand while applying all that cake batter to her face before hitting up Greenhouse in NYC last night with boyfriend Thomas Jones.  We know her head game leaves a fire engine red lipstick trail.  Smh.  More images of your girl Meagan Good when you

11 Responses to “Meagan Good And Her CAKED Up Grill Party In NYC”

  1. Kanyade said

    Her eyebrows every amaze me but I still like her 🙂 Also, will somebody in HollyHood give her an acting gig already? She’s a good actress!!!

  2. ucanb2 said


  3. 私は愛を午前 said

    She always has the ‘drunk a hoe- f*ck a hoe’ look…

    Wouldn’t be surprised if her ‘head’ game left really left Thomas on ‘fire’. She looks like she would ‘burn’ a brother, having him seek medical attention with some quickness.

  4. MissTX said

    MO can’t y’all get Tyler Perry’s number to her so she can get a little change in her pocket?

  5. Nina said

    Maybe with the makeup she’s going for the old pin-up girl look.

  6. who's that lady sexy lady said

    Not a big fan of makeup at all but besides the eyebrows i think she looks ok! Not really her style tho she’s naturally pretty.

  7. Tony said

    She is hot to me. But my question is do yall see that monkey showing on the chick behide her to our right? Or am I lookin to hard lol

  8. r2s said

    Looks like sunburn to me. you can see the mark from the glasses

  9. Aniyaqt said

    Her face has been off lately, she used 2b cute but now I dont no??? and where is her neck?? Mnnnn she lookin’ 2 bobble headish 4 me

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