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Nicki Minaj Isn’t Playing, After Firing Manager She’s Now Rumored To Be Hiring This Person…

Posted by Media Outrage on April 14, 2010

Despite not having sold not one GOT DAMN record yet, Nicki Minaj’s mainstream appeal is something most artists work hard as hell to attain, and after giving Wacka Flocka’s mom the boot, she’s rumored to be climbing into managerial bed with this person

9 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Isn’t Playing, After Firing Manager She’s Now Rumored To Be Hiring This Person…”

  1. That may actually be a good look. We all know Diddy’s about his money and she aint on his label so he can’t end her career.

    • Shannon G. said

      Girl! This is P. Flaming Diddy we talking bout here. That old saying when there’s a will, there’s a way comes to mind when I hear of Diddy dealing with other ppl’s business.

  2. Kingston said

    She would be committing career suicide if she hires “Poison Puff”. Her career will officially go down the drain. Does she not know how he screws over all his artists?

  3. who's that lady sexy lady said

    Hope it works out puffy just looks like hes up 2 no good. crooked snake is what he is.

  4. Kanyade said


  5. Verbalism7 said

    TIMBER!!!!! the sound of her career if she hires Diddy.

  6. leilaray a.k.a Zogie said

    Do ya’ll hear yourselves? Diddy has been making nothings into somethings for years… it cost to have what he has… and he makes sure he pays his self. And that he puts him self in a position to get paid even when the celeb dust has settled with an artist.. Hun if that at a business man I don’t know what one is…. HowEver, Its not in Nikkis best interest to have Diddy anywhere other then in bed(if that’s where she wants to be) she doesn’t need diddy to make her FAmous… she is already,, she needs some Tina Knowles, and maybe even Lil Waynes people… and truthfully she’d be fine… she don’t need an album, she needs a tour. featuring the bestiest(for right now) Drake, and Trey Songs…. Make that money BabyGirl….(um could somebody tell me what the hell she’s rapping about)

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