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Are You Feelin’ Her Shoes???

Posted by Media Outrage on April 15, 2010

Khloe Kardashian joined the Declaration of Talk Campaign in NYC the other day.  Enough of all that – ladies are you feelin’ her shoes???

More images when you

62 Responses to “Are You Feelin’ Her Shoes???”

  1. Satui said

    mad respect to this girl seriously…she’s making being the ugly duckling somewhat cool…those shoes? iono perhaps if her feet weren’t so manlike…

  2. 私は愛を午前 said

    If it was a solid color at the bottom like black/navy blue or maybe if the top was a solid black then yes but NO! since the colors conflict to me and i don’t like anything looking like a flag and the US flag? HELL NO!

    Thumps up on improving your appearance Khloe both media and fashion wise, Lamar Odom is seemingly a positive for you, now lets see what you are for him……..

  3. Verbalism7 said

    Not really.

  4. Miss J.D. said


    • Random said

      That’s funny because I happened to glance at the site earlier today and don’t remember coming across that particular design by Mr. Louboutin on the site…

      In other words..QUIT YOUR LYIN’YA BROKE A** HEIFER!!

    • 私は愛を午前 said

      Hmm, i guess it was indeed twisted, i re-read and still don’t get that from it. I see kings wanted to know, but on homegirls first post “WENT 2 NET-A-PORTER 2 ORDER AND ALL SIZES GONE! CHRISTIAN DOES IT AGAIN!” and your response “That’s funny because I happened to glance at the site earlier today and don’t remember coming across that particular design by Mr. Louboutin on the site…” The design IS on the site, so she isn’t lying *scratching head* *confused* ❓

      No worries though, all’s well that ends well 🙂

      @Kings. They are Louboutin’s, but unless you have MM money don’t even click link lol, $1,695 is a grip for some ugly ass shoes (IN MY OPINION, since you have to say that nowadays lol)not now, not ever, especially in this recession.

      • Kingston said

        LOL@ In my opinion…..Girl please. Dem shits is HOT to me and I needs a pair.
        *Calling MM* (Just kidding).

        My first thought when I saw them was, “They’re definitely Louboutins”. But yeah, I like them and I click on the link you provided too. Thanks!

      • 私は愛を午前 said

        No problem mon’ lololol

        lol@ *Calling MM* (Just kidding)… I’m NOT kidding, if he ever give me those digits (credit card #) he’d be broker than a meagan good wearing bambo hoop earrings, thriller jacket she got when she was 12, peep the sleeve lenghts lol and black leggings with smelly crotch, cause you know she can’t risk washing them, she needs all-the-wear-you-can-get lololol sound like a nice clothing line doesn’t it :lol:?

      • Kingston said

        LMAO!!! But mi neva see nuttin like dat since mi born outta my madda womb. Who the fuck broadcast dem business pon a blog? Mi notice seh from dat happen mi nuh si him again. She must have shame him lol. And you waan done MM pockets? When yuh done wid di credit card mek mi get it suh we can teach him a lesson LOL!

        Yesterday, mi did want fi ask yuh how was your BDAY, but i wasn’t sure if was you lol. I was about to say “Hey Ms. *Hugs*”, but I didn’t want to look stupid as hell if that person wasn’t you lol. Anyway, did you party like a rockstar?!?!

      • Random said

        I get what you’re saying..but the link you posted clearly states the product is no longer available..(which is why I said that particular design isn’t avail. on the site)..The link above shows ALL the selections avail…So when I was browsing the Site I didn’t come across THAT particular Design..

      • Marathon_Man said

        Lol damn I see I’m the butt of the joke on MO a lot these days LOL. That was funny though. YOu want them ms Behave?

      • 私は愛を午前 said

        @ Random… i see issue here, she said ‘size’ wasn’t available, so when you checked and didn’t see product on site, to YOU she was ‘lying’. I saw the product on line so TO ME it was available, just not in stock. So when you said she was ‘lying’ technically you WRONG, but you didn’t know it, because from YOUR VIEW the product wasn’t on site AT ALL.

        In my co. it’s called ‘split run’, they TEST different version of site with a new product, it’s has to do with advertising. It’s obvious the PRODUCT isn’t available, not sure if the sizes are all gone, if they’ve pulled it from online sales or if they are just ‘testing’, which is what i think, i think they want to test online demand first before rolling out on site. MY posting wasn’t to say they were available in terms of stock, but ‘available’ in terms of OPTION on site, which is where the FIRST confusion came from. The fact that you confirmed they were louies, meant that you didn’t have issues with first posters “CHRISTIAN DOES IT AGAIN!” comment because you and her agreed, but you said she lied –which is what I was commenting on.
        SECOND came when kings. asked “do you know who designed them?” your immediate comment was “but no..they’re hideous”, she then said “LMAO! Scratch my question. I thought you were feelin’ them and had info on them.”, you came back and confirmed them as louies but i don’t kings saw, hence she said “LOL! Ok. Cause I know Louboutins shoes usually have these types of designs. Thanks!”, so my first sentence was to address the product issue and second to answer Kingston, either she missed answer from you or was confused by you saying ‘but, no…” first and then answering later.

        Pheeeeewwww!!! That was long lolol MM and Kings. You’re next lolololol

      • 私は愛を午前 said

        @ Kings. Where have you been? dis a no d fuss tai’m, gudness gesas, gal dat woz nuh’n, u shuda kech di fuss 1, u wuda pap hup,mi go fill u in, he f*cked gal, gal grieve im spirit, bumbo claat, who tel har fi do dat? lolmm tun hot hed lol aw blast di gal govmnent-yes govment niyame an net and gal e juicy no f*ck,blow job and all, den nat onli dat, wha p*ssy fram im wuk lag awn paw site an tret’n him, a who tell im fi do dat, mm get bringle, raas claat, him post how im f*ck har in wuk, car aw even use the money d man gi gal fi by clothes fi imself, the bwoy get bex, wen him seet online and tell boss fi lag on to MO, MM get d pink slip and at, funny aw sad at d same time, a beer drama wid mm, im his mi lilli bredda, mo while mi wa buss him ass still fi di f*ckry.

        Im n shame at least mi hope not, cause mi no like di dutty gal, whoring u see, we ketch up a reddi and mi cuss har no f*ck but him get a promo so im bisi, u even a drama with that supavisa dey to lololol, tell u next time.

        @ MM, you’re my bro, much love but you need to use your head -one above shoulders lolol… oh yes I WANT THEM! lololol

        Please forgive typo, i have to run again today, chat tmrrw lololol 😆

  5. Sumarrain said

    Damn when did she start wearing but pads?

  6. ucanb2 said

    Khloe…looks good, I could do the shoes in a solid color!

  7. MizzMimi said

    I like them……but not on her

  8. Kingston said


  9. Yasmine T. said

    I Love Them.

  10. Shannon G. said

    I like them. They are cute, but not on her or with that outfit.

  11. Random said


    Serious enough for you to respond?

    If it wasn’t as ‘serious’ then why butt in? Clearly no one was directing any of the comments towards you…with that said..Kindly Piss off 🙂

    • Shannon G. said

      LMAO! You called a chick a broke ass bitch over a pair of shoes from a website and you don’t that was extreme?! LMAO! Bitch get over yourself! =D

      • Random said

        The fact that you’re sitting there actually worrying about the crap I’m posting to ANOTHER person on here worries me (just a bit)…THAT my friend is a tad ‘extreme’…at least in my book…

        lol@name calling…aww did I upset you?

      • Shannon G. said

        @ Random-LOL! I’m cool! It was all fun and games for me. LOL!

  12. Media Outrage said

    Lol yo ya’ll really be off the chain.

    The funnest part of being a staff member of MO is actually reading the comments oh and of course attending parties lol lol.

    BUt we love how deep you guys delve into topics. We don’t like the arguing and name calling but the thought provoking feedback is the BOMB.

    Carry on…

    • MaliaMalia LOVES MO and Lamman rucker LOL!! XX said

      LOL @ above comments so glad a missed out!!!! Great read though!!! heheh!!!

    • Random said

      Parties you say? How come there aren’t any pics posted on here of these ‘exclusive events’?

      • Media Outrage said

        Random we’ve posted events that the staff has attended on the site.

        We also don’t post all pics from every event attended for different reasons.

      • Kingston said

        @ MO, so have we ever seen pics of any of the staff members, unbeknownst to us?

    • 私は愛を午前 said

      lolololololol…….. Shoot, i didn’t even see ‘war’ above lolol. We AREN’T ‘fighting’, of all the times we’ve been on MO, me and Ran have disagreed but we agreed ALOT more, NEVER have we disagreed and done the back and forth thingy like this lol, we’re known for been ‘fiesty’ and posting ‘long-ass-comments’ lol, so don’t worry about it, just a regular day at MO lol, no ‘b*tch/hoochie/brain dead/ho steak/husky’ calling so we’re just fine lolol. although i did see ‘heifer’, bad, very bad girl random lolol.

      There is a difference between DIALOGUE/Disagreement and an ‘argument’, read again, no one is fighting, although i do see something brewing up with ran and shannon, “can’t we all just get along” lololol. MO will you intervene? what am i saying you probably waiting on their bra straps to pull and blood start coming from their noses, you LIVE for these things don’t ya’ lolol, dirty little….. lololol.

    • Shannon G. said

      LOL @ you encouraging bad behavior. But I honestly didn’t think it would get that far. It was fun while it lasted. 🙂

  13. Kingston said

    @Ms…. (Laawwd, she done turned her name into symbols, a la Prince lol). But I know what your new name means tho.

    Anyway *Pulls up chair for more dirt* Damn! Too bad you gotta run. Imma catch you in the ‘morrows.

    • BadBadKitty0727 said

      Uh. Huh. Keep typin’ in patois. 🙂 MM got DRAMA! LOL! A long time ago, my Grandfather told me, “don’t shit where you eat.”

  14. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Those shoes are ugly as hell. Looks like her feet are in a supermax prison cell. LMAO!

  15. Random said


    From my understanding (based on previous online shopping experiences) once an item is “no longer available”…it’s over and done with…Good Luck finding something SIMILAR to it..So for this item to NOT even Be AVAILABLE at this time..means that it’s been ‘pulled out’ for some time now..which is why I called the chic a “lying heifer” because if she REALLY was serious about purchasing these shoes…I’m sure she would’ve done her ‘research’ when they were in fact “available” (normally when they first come out)…The unavailable link you provided earlier states…

    “Unfortunately, this product is no longer available.
    For an alternative suggestion, contact our Fashion Advisors”

    “alternative suggestion”…clearly they no longer have THIS PARTICULAR ITEM..perhaps they’re outdated…they have to make room for new merchandise…etc…

    Once again going back to my original comment about the chic LYING her ass off lol…it’s not the size or the fact that they’re ‘out of stock’ (in some cases, if an item is out of stock they give you the option of being notified usually by email when the product is avail.) but not in this case..the shoe isn’t avail. PERIOD!! So, how the hell was she on ‘net-a-porter’…today of all days….searching for this magical shoe…and it just happened to “out” of all sizes…..when the item isn’t even available to see (unless you go to an outside source) and they provide a link to the “UNAVAILABLE”

    Now let’s be realistic here for one sec…I understand we have a lot of delusional/split-personality/just down right looney bird members on this site..but truthfully speaking…how many WEALTHY individuals do you know or have come in contact with…that sit on an unknown blog site like MediaOutrage (No offense)…discussing Louboutin Shoes…not very many..if any at that…they’re too busy looking through the ACTUAL boutiques for the LATEST trends..not worrying about missing out on ‘net-a-porter’s unavailable items”…ya dig? lol

    and I still stick to my ORIGINAL comment..QUIT YOUR LYING You Broke ass heifer!! lmao

    • 私は愛を午前 said

      @ Random

      Not Quite…From my understanding (based on working in the marketing dept of an online company), saying something is ‘unavailable’, might be them testing the product to see how many clicks received, that might give them an idea of DEMAND.

      Now maybe you know more about this particular product(shoes) than i do, if they’ve been ‘available’ for a while now, then YES, site showing ‘not available’ means they are DONE WITH, but if new (which i assumed, since it’s my first time seeing it) then it is a test, hence why you saw something different from what i did.

      lol on ‘be realistic’… I know! That’s why i said to kings. unless you have MM money don’t click on link lol, seriously who on MO has a ‘spare’ $1,695 lying around somewhere to buy some shoes lol (well, outside of MM, cause you know bro’ is paiiidddd 😆 ,heck in a month you could have *pulls out calculator* 4700/1695= 2 shoes and $1310 remaining to buy you a matching purse 😀 , now that’s BALLING!! Guaranteed, you WILL look like a DIME, you know what i mean? lolololololol )

      “how many WEALTHY individuals do you know or have come in contact with…that sit on an unknown blog site like MediaOutrage (No offense)”……. *clears throat* umhum, i’m offended, i have a ‘wealth’ of knowledge thank you lol, still working on the pockets *on one knee* “MM, will you marry me, or make me your treasurer/accountant, pleeeaaaassseeeee” lolololol.

      If we’re talking about product ‘availability’, none of us really know the truth, but if we’re talking about finances, i will have to agree with you, cause even if product was ‘available’ doubt she could buy it lololol, with that i say “QUIT YOUR LYING – You Broke ass heifer!!” hahahahaha.

      • Kingston said

        “That’s why i said to kings. unless you have MM money don’t click on link lol, seriously who on MO has a ’spare’ $1,695 lying around somewhere to buy some shoes lol”…Ok, so NOW I’m offended and ready to keyboard bang on ya’ll heffas! LMAO!

        But didn’t this post take a turn for the worst? I LOVE the shoes, But the majority thinks they’re ugly as hell. It wasn’t that deep, but MO, I know ya’ll LOVE the ‘back and forthing’…Don’t front!

    • 私は愛を午前 said

      For the ‘worst’? not really, when you re-read, NOTHING really happened, not until ‘someone else’ entered and said something about what WE were doing, we’re cool, no fighting.

      MO LOVES this sh*t, that’s what they LIVE for, i can see them now, hurrying to get post on line and sitting with a peice of chicken in hand, greasy lips, some popcorn and a couple soda, just waiting to get us heated. Why do you think they have so mant “who do you think is BETTER” post, dirty dirty MO lol, dey my boyz tho and girls lololol.

      @ MO (since you read every sh*t we post lol) can we have that BLANK post we’ve been asking for, esp on a FRIDAY like today, come one…….

      • Random said

        I don’t think it really went bad…we discussed…stated our opinion in a very MATURE manner..we weren’t going back and forth name calling one another..I mean, we don’t always HAVE to AGREE on’s OK to have a diff. opinion on something lol

      • Kingston said

        Absolutely. I understand that mos def. When I said it took a turn for the worst, I was referring to when Brynnrock told Random to shut the fuck up. But other than that, there were hardly any shots fired lol. And imagine if we all agreed on everything. How fun would that be lol?

      • Random said

        lol Braindead is a puppet…end of story!

  16. Random said

    lol No ‘fighting’ here…but let’s face it…you b*tches live for these on-going debates…

    • 私は愛を午前 said

      Random did you read this…. “We don’t like the arguing and name calling but the thought provoking feedback is the BOMB.” …. 😯 wh-wh-what the?! 😯 *rubs eyes* no i didn’t just read that…. *clears throat* huhumm, does ‘christian’ ring a bell? lololol and i’m not talking about going to church on sundays, hahahaha, well you showed him what you ‘thought’ alright and he did ‘provoke’ you, so i guess lololololol.

      Yeah, who doesn’t love it when these threads get ‘active’? Let me see a raise of hands? lolol, we play and we discuss alot, we’re just ‘passionate’ about what we do, ‘fighting/argument’ is a term used for ‘sensitive’ folks, not us.

  17. sexy lady said

    LMAO i just recently learned bout this site like a wk or so ago, but im glad i use it now. 2 random and the other girls i really enjoyed readn ur comments 2nite! Keep it up its all in good fun! Lol:) rib hurts now from lol but its all good!

  18. NINA said

    These are Louboutins…dang, I wish I was silly enough to pay over a thousand for shoes.

  19. Yeah I Said it said

    Seriously folks??? Seriously, all this over some overpriced ugly ass shoes? So not worth it.

  20. brynnrock said

    They are ugly and I can buy a $5 pair of shoes and make them look cute with my outfit. It is not the price but how the person can hook their outfit up!

    Random, shut the fuck up! You are a expert on everything, damn don’t you get tired? You make me tired with your rambling and nonsense.

    • Random said

      Who the fck was talking to you? I see you’re still bitter about our last incident..GET THE FCK OVER IT already..Jesus Mary and Joseph!! I knew you were a confused delusional c*nt…but ultra sensitive too? Sad really..

      As for being an ‘expert’ at EVERYTHING..I wouldn’t go that far…but one thing I’m a def. expert at is having lil emotional bimbos hangin’ off my damn cl*t…following my every move..carefully analyzing every little thing I say or do…Not sure if I should feel flattered or be worried..I mean I’ve had ‘stalkers’ in the past but this is just beyond pathetic…

      My ‘rambling and nonsense’ as you say is the highlight of your pitiful life,Braindead…that’s why you’re constantly on my a**..All Jokes aside now..I truly feel sorry for you…You’re an emotional wreck..Seek Help…Professional help that is..;)

    • Aniyaqt said

      Yall still @ it???? LOL

  21. Aniyaqt said

    How bout……. her n the shoes UGLY!!!—–LOL

  22. Kanyade said

    In a word, yes, I like her shoes. 🙂

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