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Eric B & Rakim Have A MESSAGE For Nicki Minaj

Posted by Media Outrage on April 15, 2010

Eric B and Rakim are lettin’ off big time on their Twitter page.  While speaking to the masses they discharged a POTENT message for your girl Nicki Minaj!  Peep game…

We have no clue as to why they shot that dart at poor ol’ Nicki.  We’re sure the internet will be abuzz about it soon enough with reason in tow.

43 Responses to “Eric B & Rakim Have A MESSAGE For Nicki Minaj”

  1. Kingston said

    Hmm…This looks interesting. Nicki catches alot of heat and I can understand why. I still like Nicki tho, so I wanna know what’s up with this situation right here.

  2. Nicki's Mother said

    They look stupid with the heavy chains around their necks. You can’t take morons seriously.

  3. justme said

    lil kim needs to get it together and get back in da game

  4. Shannon G. said

    Keys need to get a record deal ASAP!

  5. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Damn, both them brothas got some nice lips!
    Nicki who……?

  6. shakirah said

    Eric B and Rakim know what REAL HIPHOP is unlike Nicki Minaj who is afraid to do a battle.

  7. ALLISWELL5 said

    Dope picture MO!!!

  8. sexy lady said

    They need 2 take they over the hill asses and sit down some where. Nikki aint my fav female rapper EVE is but still shes doing her thing and people seem to like it. rakim and that dude probably aint had a hit since they took that old ass pic.

  9. NINA said

    Eric B is one of the smoothest rappers ever! Jay-Z is garbage, but people are somehow convinced he is real hiphop.

  10. who's that lady sexy lady said

    I just went 2 a site on their twit and Erick was sayn Nikki was treatn him like a peasent when he met her to get a pic of him and Nikki 2gether. Thats enuf 2 tell ANYONE 2 GO F THEMSELVES. hmmm… i kno she aint gettn big headed!:-\

  11. MissTX said

    Haha! I heard she dissed them or something like that. So I don’t blame them. If true, what the hell she smoking on dissing legends/vets?!

  12. currvalicious said

    It had to be something, b/c they’ve never been known to just disrespect women like that.

  13. Sapphire Storm said

    This is funny. But if it’s true she deserved the diss, these two are pioneers in the game that she’s trying to wade through. I had such a big crush on Rakim that I named my husky after him lol. Rakim is a lyrical genius.

    Funky dope fresh to def nothing less!

    Yeah I know it’s not his lyrics but I had an In Living Color moment lol.

  14. mekamac said

    i concur, yo Keys where you at

  15. mekamac said

    stupid bitch you never try 2 dis a hip hop Heavy Weight Hoe,take yo plastic ass back 2 barbie land BITCH!!!!!

  16. mekamac said


  17. who's that lady sexy lady said

    @mekamac whateva baby!

  18. Shannon G. said

    Just a thought: why is she dissing them and avoiding Keys like the Black Plague?

  19. mark ginnis said

    FAKE page! ERic B and rakim arent dealing with EAch other like that to have a page. Fake page! fake tweets.

  20. Aniyaqt said

    If Nikki dont sit her @ss down. Do she even no who she dealin’ with???

    ****Keys come handle this b*tch ASAP!!!!

  21. mekamac said

    @ who’s that lady sexy lady above no disrespect, but are you slow, if you pay attention u can clearly see that i was not replying 2 u

  22. who's that lady sexy lady said

    @mekamac if u pay attention im the same person honey sorry if u got confused. And no im not a hip hop head dont even buy rap cds i just go by what i c on t.v. and news and sites like this WHAT I HEAR ON THE RADIO sorry mean no disrect but it aint those 2. but like i said if she was was being rude 2 old dude he every right to say what he said. Now!:)

  23. mekamac said

    @ who’s that lady sexy lady clearly i am not confused unless u are using 2 different screen names

  24. mekamac said

    @ who’s that lady sexy lady please read comments from top 2 bottom & then tell me u are not even a little bit confused, even a.n.i.y.a.q.t can see you are, a little reading goes a long way

  25. Verbalism7 said

    Sucks to be Nicki!!

  26. Nicki's Mother's Mother said

    Nicki’s Mother…. I agree with the general consensus…. you are a DUMBASS!!!

  27. Kjus Outlet…

    […]Eric B & Rakim Have A MESSAGE For Nicki Minaj « Media Outrage[…]…

  28. Aree they seriously beefn witt a gurr doe?? Really they look stupid

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