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Terrence & Rocsi Party It Up For His Birthday

Posted by Media Outrage on April 15, 2010

Terrence J and Rocsi were together again last night at club Amnesia in NYC for his birthday bash along with Nick Storm.  Trey Songz, Mike Kyser, Kevin Liles, DJ Clue, Free, AJ, Ed Lover and Jaslene Gonzalez were all in the building getting it in.  Those pics when you

26 Responses to “Terrence & Rocsi Party It Up For His Birthday”

  1. brynnrock said

    She looks nice and love the glasses.

  2. ucanb2 said


  3. Kanyade said

    Everyone looks nice. I don’t watch BET.

  4. There’s A LOT of pics of Trey and Terrence. Can we say suspicious?

  5. Yeah I Said It said

    Was he going for the peewee Herman look? Was she going for the all american look. They are too of the most non entertaing looking bastards on tv now.

  6. Just saying said

    Why does this woman Hispanic people so much. You never see her with a Puerto Rican for example. She is always hugged up on a black person. I hear she hates the spics although she’s not one herself.

  7. Shannon G. said

    1) what in the flying fuck does Terrance has on and who told him that hair cut was cute?!
    2)@ just saying-what are you talking bout?

  8. Cut Up said

    Clue please cut the shit. We all know you balder then spalding. Stop it with the fitted hat doo rag trick. C’mon SON!!

  9. Just saying said

    She hates Hispanics you can tell can’t you. She never associates with them.

    • Shannon G. said

      I don’t associate with a lot of white ppl and I’m black. Does that mean I hate them? No. I just don’t associate with them. *Kanye shrug* I’m just saying.

  10. tone said

    Is that superhead in the last pic?

  11. sexy lady said

    @danibabygurl, im with u. Just say it aint so, trey 2 handsome, to hell with whats his name.

  12. Kingston said

    WTF is on top of Terrance cone head?

    Free was banging on 106. I use to tune in just to see her fashion game, which was always on point. She looks decent in these pics too.

    Are we sure Trey and Terrance aren’t related? Somebody in there family is lying to them. I am convinced they are brothers.

  13. 私は愛を午前 said

    They say when you live with someone long enough you start looking like them, so either trey and terrance are f*ck buddies or they are related, nose and everything. These 2 could pass ass identical twins when they smile, look here:

    P.S. I hate the herve ledger mummy dresses and since they ‘strap’ your ass, it would be nice to have an ass to begin with *hint hint WRECKSI*

  14. brooklyn said

    She seriously does not like Hispanics though. Particularly, Puerto Ricans it is well known. Can’t blame her for that from what I see of Ricans either. Trashy people.

  15. shanelle joy said

    Terrence+Trey= SEPARATED @ BIRTH!!
    Terrence’s hair: UGLY AND WHACK, his TWIN should have told him not to go out the house with that mess on his head!
    Rocsi- pretty girl and love the glasses on her but poor thing has issues and such low self esteem. I hope she gets help.
    Free: nice to see her. very pretty, love the hair!

  16. 私は愛を午前 said

    I didn’t even see Free, nice look, she has lost a lot of weight compared the previous pics, where she looked like gabourey sidibe in a burger joint.

    • THE ICEMAN said

      that was just some mean and cruel bullshit you just said. STFU, You isulted two black queens at the same time. Idiot

  17. MissTX said

    Why is dude with the Blackberry snapping pics of Terrence’s scrawny ass with no shirt on? *side eye* Where dey do dat?

  18. joneblaze said

    Guess they were going for the geeks at the prom look

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