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Brandy Talks New Show, Music & Kim Kardashian

Posted by Media Outrage on April 16, 2010

When you have something relevant out like the start of a new reality show with your family, you find yourself doing a lot of PRESS to promote it.  Peep Brandy’s interview with when you

Honey Magazine: Ray J was once referred to as ‘Brandy’s little brother.’ In the past he was in your shadow. Have the tables turned?
Brandy: Have the tables turned? I don’t think that. I think that Ray just found his own way. He found what he loves to do and I’m so proud of him. It’s so funny because when he was known as my little brother, I couldn’t really enjoy my success because I wanted him to have it. So for him to have it—to come out of the shadow and have his own name and have his own thing going on… it makes me proud. I’m just glad that he even wanted to do a reality show with me and our family. He could do For The Love of Ray J 3. I was excited when he came to us about Family Business. Although very hesitant and scared about it, I thought that was cool that he thought of that.

Why were you hesitant and scared to do the show?
I was hesitant and scared about it because your life is an open book once you get on a reality show. There may be certain things that you may not want people to see.

Is their tension with your mom being your manager?
Theirs a lot of tension because you know its not your typical management, it’s your mother managing you. So there are moments where she’s not switching acts. And it’s, ‘well I don’t work for y’all. I work with y’all.’ We have grown up with it. We understand it. I have more of a struggle with it because I’m a girl.

On the show you and Ray J are working together. Is it easy to work with him?
It’s fun to be partners with Ray. He’s so business savvy. He’s into dreaming big and making things happen. It’s great to have a partner like that. We work well together. I’m just a little more emotional than he is.

What’s going in your love life?
Honestly, I’m just trying to stay loving myself. I’m really scared to give my heart to somebody. I have friends but I’m not serious with anybody yet.

It’s been said that you’re dating Flo’rida. Is that true?
I don’t want to say it’s not true. He’s definitely someone in my life that I hang out with from time to time. I think he’s cute and all that. I’m in a place where I just want to make sure I’m right before I get serious with anybody. But I definitely have my eye on Flo’rida.

We see you and Kelly Rowland together a lot. Are you good friends?
Kelly’s my best friend. We are born on the same day. I love her, she’s amazing. Kelly and I were friends back in the day and we then separated and went our own way. She’s the friend that I prayed for and said, ‘Please God, give me another chance with her.’ She’s just a great friend. And God did. We are back in each others lives. I love being around her. I call her my twin. It’s a very special relationship and I just don’t want to ever lose her again.

Did something happen between you and Kelly before?
We were not friends for a while—for dumb reasons. Young, dumb reasons. I just never want that to be again. It was through the adolescent years, when we were very young. I really didn’t know how to be the friend that I am now. I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m a great friend now. I’m just happy to have her back in my life.

You, Kelly, and Serena have a celeb entourage. Are you all really friends?
Serena is a good friend of mine, as well. We just happen to be celebrities. We really have a connection. I have met a lot of famous people that I just don’t connect with, not with them though. Those are really my only two celebrity friends.

You and Kim Kardashian were friends also. Were you there for Kim during the sex tape scandal?
It’s not that I didn’t want to be there. It’s one of those things where that person has to call on you for support and that didn’t happen because they were dealing with their own thing individually. [Ray J] just did his own thing to get over it and she did the same thing.

Are you and Kim K still friends?
I still have a lot of love for Kim to this day. If Kim ever needed me for anything, I would be right there for her. She was a very close friend of mine. You know people fall apart and sometimes that happens. But she’s another one that if she ever needed me I would definitely be there. Once you care about somebody—once you love somebody, you’re not just not going to think about them no more. It’s very difficult. I’m open to forgiveness and moving passed stuff.

Read the entire interview HERE.

7 Responses to “Brandy Talks New Show, Music & Kim Kardashian”

  1. ucanb2 said


  2. Kingston said

    Too long to read right now. I’ll wait till someone summarize it lol.

  3. who's that lady sexy lady said

    Is it me or is she soundn a lil on the lesbian side? I have friends that ive known since grade school but never speak that “passionate” bout them. Hmm…… just wondering.

  4. Dominikingz said

    She is lying about Kim K. I think deep down inside, she hates the fact that she became famous for making a sex tape with her bro. I dont think Brandy is lesbo, I just think that in the industry she is in that is full of sharks and snakes, to have real friends is a blessing.

  5. Kanyade said

    The title should have read: Brandy Talks New Hairline and New Lacefronts.


    I keed, I keed.

  6. Mone~Alicia said

    That’s a nice pre-lacefront pic. Dope album too.

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