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Jay-Z Sues Boston Red Sox’s David Ortiz

Posted by Media Outrage on April 16, 2010

Jay-Z is putting his lawyers to work against Boston Red Sox’s David Ortiz for doing the following:

Via AHH:

Jay-Z is going to bat against Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz for naming a club in the Dominican Republic after the rapper’s 40/40 Club.

According to Reuters, Ortiz is illegally operating a Forty/Forty club on the island, in addition to running the domain name

Ortiz’ club opened in October of this year, while Jay-Z’s first 40/40 location in New York opened in June of 2003.

Jay-Z and his business partner Juan Perez own and operate 40/40 Clubs in New York, Atlantic City and Las Vegas, with plans to open more clubs in Tokyo and Macau.

The superstar rapper claims Ortiz is capitalizing on the fame and value of the club, by using the name according to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court earlier today (April 15th).

Ortiz is aware of the club’s name, because he has patronized Jay-Z’s famous flagship location in Manhattan in the past.

At press time, neither Jay-Z or David Ortiz have commented on the lawsuit.

Mediaoutrage–  Homie was just asking for a lawsuit.

9 Responses to “Jay-Z Sues Boston Red Sox’s David Ortiz”

  1. Kanyade said

    He’s got patent on four numbers and a backslash?

    • 私は愛を午前 said

      Yes yade, he should, that’s a brand, the name of his company, if he wants to call his company ‘period’ and patent “.” he can, it’s not the size/length, but it’s the representation and how much effort that went into establishing it. Sue his ass camel man, he can’t just come in and benefit off all your hard wok, who does he think he is, diddy?

      • Kanyade said

        i see.

        but what of “” <–is the url included in the package?


      • Kanyade said

        Actually, Ortiz should’ve called his club “”. Maybe he’d have a fighting chance.




  2. ucanb2 said

    Handle your business Jay!

  3. who's that lady sexy lady said

    What did he think he wasnt going 2 find out. Lets all put on our thinkn caps when we wake up! Lol

  4. Dominikingz said

    Thats straight biting right there. Everyone knows that Jay’s brand is 40/40 all across the world.

  5. brynnrock said

    Yeah but he spelled his shit out (forty/forty club) not with numbers (40/40) looks different to me even though it means the same. So this will be a fighting case unless Jay-z covered all his bases.

    • Lio said

      you’re right, but the judge will still rule for Jay -Z as forty/forty club is a misrepresentation of club “40/40” and might confused potential clients. If forty forty was a shoe company then Jay-z wouldn’t have the chance to win( just like TIMBERLAND( boot company) cannot sue TIMBALAND( producer), not the same business so no competition).

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