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Kat Stacks Knows She’s A Major HOE But At Least She’s Getting Paid $650 An Hour

Posted by Media Outrage on April 16, 2010

This trick has absolutely no morals lol.  She’s on record saying she’s very aware of her hoe-ness but doesn’t care because she’s getting paid $650 an hour for sucking and swallowing.

Kat Stacks: Well Kat Stacks is the one who is exposing all these fakes-a$s motherf*ckin’ rappers out here. It’s time to taint their image and sh*t. They calling Child Services on me and sh*t.

DX: So what’s your whole beef with Young Money?
Kat Stacks: Young Money is a bunch of motherfucking roommates. They call themselves Young Money, because they don’t got no grown-a$s money. They ain’t got shit, them motherf*ckers is all roommates – they just fronting for their image. All they do is treat b*tches wrong and I ain’t the only one. I’m the only one out here brave enough to speak out on those motherf*ckers. I’m just a spokesman for what they are and you can see on my website how I have proof of it.

DX: You just said Jae Millz himself and his crew paid to have sex with you. How much did they pay?
Kat Stacks: The first time I met Millz was through this other square b*tch, because she didn’t know what the f*ck she was doing with him. I snatched his number from her phone and we started talking. I told him it was $650 for each hour, so he was like, “Oh, let me see you in person.” We met up and he let me up to his crib. He paid for like seven hours the first time I met him. After that, about three weeks later he called me up again in Miami to bring some more girls over. I brought two girls over and he paid for them too. Gudda Gudda was there too.

DX: So hold up, you just said Jae Millz paid seven hours worth. How much you charge again, so I can get this clear?
Kat Stacks: 650.

DX: None of them tried to hit it raw, did they?
Kat Stacks: Nah, they all use condoms

DX: Where was the initial stand, like “I’m tired of being treated like this, so now I’ma put y’all on blast”?
Kat Stacks: Because [one] night I got left and was stranded downtown. I had to call people I used to go to school with to come pick me up. The cab was like over 100 dollars. I was pissed off. I was really mad that night and Lil Twist left me stranded. I started talking shit on Twitter and everybody was [stopped talking to me]. Jae Millz, the next day, started texting me bullsh*t [like] “Take care of your child, you b*tch,” and all that shit. So I was like, “Alright, I’ma just expose this ni*ga, if he want act stupid and cut me off.”

DX: They have the hit-single on the radio “Bedrock,” but you have said they don’t make your bed rock. You said they make your bunkbed rock. Can you talk about that?
Kat Stacks: [Laughs] The first time I went to Jae Millz’ house I was expecting like a nice home on top of shit, like Bow Wow’s condo or Lil Wayne’s crib and shit. No! The f*cking crib is smaller then mine’s – a dirty-a$s carpet and little tiny-a$s bed. Their all fuckin roommates and Mack Maine stays there too. [Laughs] What the f*ck? Y’all talk “money” this and that, but y’all living lower than me.

DX: So basically you saying Young Money has no money. Wayne and Birdman have all the money?
Kat Stacks: I don’t know about Birdman. I’ve never f*cked with him before.

DX: Well what kind of cars they drive?
Kat Stacks: I haven’t been outside of my crib with them.

DX: So how did you even get in contact with these rappers. As a child growing up, were you always attracted to rappers and men of high status?
Kat Stacks: Well, I was working as a stripper at a strip club called Tootsie’s. I used to work over there and that’s where I met some of them, the rest on Twitter or [through] some other b*tches.

DX: What about when other females judge you saying about the way you carry yourself and for you being with so many men?
Kat Stacks: If I really gave a fIck what a b*tch thought about me, I would’ve never exposed no one like this. This sh*t is getting me motherfu*kin’ money, I’m going out on top. I don’t give a f*ck what a b*tch gotta say! The same b*tch talking sh*t is the same b*tch trying to get a reply from these motherf*ckers on Twitter. [Laughs]

DX: But how are you ending up on top? What do you get out of this, as some people will think the rappers still won?
Kat Stacks: People might look at it like they won, but I’m not gonna be just another hoe they f*cked. I’ma be another hoe that got f*ckin’ paid. I’m going on top right now.

DX: Are you done with what you’re doing with these rappers?
Kat Stacks: Some still hit me up. As long as they got money, it’s all good. [Laughs]

DX: Do you have a final message to the groupies/young women that mess with these rappers and get disrespected?
Kat Stacks: All they do is talk sh*t, get passed around, and treated like sh*t. Most of these urban video models get treated like this. I’ve witnessed it in front of my face, but they’re not brave enough to speak out. They’re messing with the wrong b*tch now. I’ma put it all out there – everybody out there talking sh*t, I’ma expose all of y’all. Y’all can’t shut me down. Y’all can’t hack my Twitter, I’m never gonna shut mouth.


30 Responses to “Kat Stacks Knows She’s A Major HOE But At Least She’s Getting Paid $650 An Hour”

  1. Shannon G. said

    She allegedly get $650/hr. She allegedly smashed Lil Twist for 7 hrs meaning that she got $4450 for that time. If she gets paid they way she claims, why couldn’t she afford a $100 cab ride? Better yet, why does she not have her own ride? She has been to their apt but she has never seen their cars. *scratching my head* So many questions!SMMFH @ her thinking she is winning.

  2. Mr. 13in said

    Advertising her prostitution ring on the internet…


  3. Marathon_Man said

    This BITCH gets the gas face.

  4. BadBadKitty0727 said

    This chick got issues.
    She’s not hurtin’ nobody but herself.
    I don’t wish her harm, but she’s gonna run her mouth about the wrong one and when she end up in a ditch with her throat slit ain’t nobody gonna give a damn.

  5. Killa Kam U already know said

    Self-esteem isn’t for everyone.

  6. emliy said


  7. Kanyade said

    $650/hr. <—isn't this kibbles and bits for a high class whore?

    I mean…c'mon. That's not enough to cover medical in case she has to get her puddy restructured from the flagrant abuse I'm sure it's suffered/will suffer.

    She is just pitiful.

  8. 私は愛を午前 said

    Elit Spitzer’S hoe got $4,300 in CASH, just saying…

    She also got these as ‘benefits’:
    Train tickets, cab fare from the hotel and back, mini-bar or room service, travel time and hotel”.After the assignation Spitzer paid her $4,300 in cash. The payment included $1,100 as a deposit with the agency toward future services. In other words he paid for EVERYTHING.

    *keri hilson voice* Get your money up HOE!

    • Kanyade said

      4300 in cash each time?

      Hmmm, let me check my internal, moral-compass…it’s a recession (still) and a bish could use the $$$…

      Nah. 😆 No way.

      My body is my temple. Nam-ro-no-nay-kay-o x 10.

      (besides, my mom would kick my ‘grown’ ass for hoeing anything but a garden)


      • 私は愛を午前 said

        My p*ssy so priceless i won’t charge (up front lolol), but best believe you’ll be a millionaire/billionaire, so i can marry your ass and get half lolol… I don’t charge upfront for the front, that would be hoeing and you know us ‘good girls’ don’t do that, we just take your asses to the cleaners (lilkunta, where you at? lol) kelis style lololol.

      • Shannon G. said


  9. gurukid said

    1 of the reasons why this makes me go to church

  10. Dominikingz said

    why would these rappers pay for sex when they can get it for free from numerous groupies? Rappers love spending their money for no apparent reason.

  11. CaramelKiss said

    SMDH. First and foremost, she’s nasty, simple minded and pathetic. A really, really, bad combo. (Obvious?)

    Side note: It is time that these kinda dudes get put on blast, I just don’t think this is the way to do it. I smell a set up coming her dumb, simple minded way. She is going to get a train pulled on her, get the hell beat out of her (or worse)and then NOT get paid. Mark my words, u can’t be THIS dirty and not expect that shit to come back around. KARMA IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE A BITCH. Let me give my condolences now…RIP HoCakes *pours out a lil Henny*

    Just on last note: If Heaven has a ghetto (TUPAC), do they have a Ghetto Hoe Heaven too? LOL

  12. MissTX said

    Yet she still looking like THAT? Smdh.

    • MissTX said

      I went back and actually read what this bitch had to say. The fuck?!!

      Whatever bad comes her way, the dumb bitch deserves it. Smdh. She makes Superhead look like a Saint. At least she was really getting money.

  13. Kingston said

    I didn’t read her stupid interview. I can’t even stand looking at her “distorted Swiss beak in a wig” face. She’s broadcasting this like we don’t know since the beginning of time that rappers f*ck hoes. It’s nothing new so what she is doing has been done countless times before. SMDH at the nastiness.

  14. who's that lady sexy lady said

    Thank u kingston! Its no secret we been knowing they f*uck around and already knew half of they asses are broke. Come harder tramp if u want 2 tell something. NEXT!!…….

  15. Mone~Alicia said

    Nicki Minaj hair + hood face = MoneAlicia’s done.

    I don’t even care what she did. She looks like a whore.

  16. teelady said

    She ain’t gone be talking that shit when she catch a STD

  17. nya said

    Wow, what a “woman” her child should be real proud of her.

  18. blakmaine said

    I would pay her 6.50 per hour

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