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A Little Sweet-n-LOW

Posted by Media Outrage on April 19, 2010

C. Breezy was posed all up for Flaunt Magazine looking a tad bit Sugar-Licious.  What can we say about this pic that you’re not already thinking?? Nothing!  More sweet-n-low when you

22 Responses to “A Little Sweet-n-LOW”

  1. MissStep said

    I feel so sorry for him. Maybe that’s the reaction he was tryin’ to get with those puppy-dog eyes! LOL

  2. MissStep said

    I bet he will think twice next time he wants to JoJackson a woman!

  3. Sapphire Storm said

    He looks like he’s sitting on a jail cell bunk saying, “Please Tiny, not so hard this time.” 😥

  4. Kingston said

    LMAOOOO!!! I like Breezy and all that, but he has been looking sugary for a minute now. Mayb Kanye is his stylist. Did ya’ll peep how tight his pants were on his “Grafitti” album cover. Those things looked like leggings that he borrowed from Meagan Good.

    • emliy said


    • 私は愛を午前 said

      lolol, you know damn well meagan’s leggings have holes in the crotch area, chris pee-pee would’ve been hanging like rihanna’s jaw line lolol.

      Let me be the first to say that I LOVE HIS ALBUM COVER!!! And those tights? mmmmmmmm lololol. I love men in CLOSE fitting jeans (not tights, but an exception was made for chris lolol) esp. with bow legs *squeezes clit 😆 *, a sista could get laid right on the spot with those, actually one of my coworker has one on today and maaaannnn i’ve been smiling allllll morning lololol, sexy MF!!!! I feel like humping him every time i see him and gosh that smile of his? Dang, it would Embarrass the stars, did i mention he was chocolate, mmmmmmmhmmmmmmm, sorry to get off track, i’m going to log off right now and try to lower my heart rate, lololol.

  5. 私は愛を午前 said

    Dying at the comment 😆

    Instead of ‘shut up”, he should have one that says “I FUCKED UP” lolol.

    No MO, not “Sweet-n-LOW” lololol , i feel sorry for my boy though, that main pic up top looks like one of those wooden toys you have that look lifeless unless you pull a string lolol, similar to how Jigga pull the string on his career lolol. He looks kinda like pinocchio click here, he even has those big ronald mcdonald shoes on lock, hahaha, well he did say in his “Transformer” song that “if you lie then imma grow” lolol, if he was an actor i would forward him Tyler perry number cause he’s about to hit the unemployment line harder than how he slammed riri’s neck into that dashboard lol, but since he’s in music i’ll send him to Jigga, then again that camel will hump his ass for what he did to his side piece. Boy you done f*cked up now messing with the illuminati camel, try Diddy, he ‘s always looking for someone to exploit, maybe you can join nicki minaj and wear a pink wig. No one will recognise you and you can call your self a ‘barbie bitch’, cause you already looking like someone’s bitch in those photos up top 😆

  6. BadBadKitty0727 said

    He looks like a puppet on a shelf waiting for somebody to come pull his strings and bring him to life.

  7. Yeah I Said It said

    Gone to the military Chris they still lookin for a few good men.

  8. whos that lady said

    Lmao whoa some one needs a room and a cigarette! Lol

  9. whos that lady said

    Oh and lol at the sweet and low title yall 2 much!im adding it 2 my vocabuary!

  10. Verbalism7 said

    I’m so sick of seeing his b!tch a$$.

  11. Mr. 13in said

    Finger lickin gooooood!!

    He deserves a poke in the ass, just for being a mother fucking bully.

    Go away Chris Brown…you don’t deserve to be a star.

    Long live Queen Rhi-Rhi!!

  12. Kanyade said

    Gah, these pics are pretty pathetic. He wants sympathy…STILL?

  13. Mone~Alicia said

    Looks mad gay yo.

  14. I still love you chris… even if you do look gay as hell. dammit chris you need to work with me here! I constantly have to defend your straightness to my bestie and then you go and wear sum boy leggings or take pics like this… c’mon son!

  15. itsurboi said

    him and trey songz musta started hangin out

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