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Christina Milian & Violet

Posted by Media Outrage on April 19, 2010

Christina Milian was seen leaving Toys R’ Us with her little girl Violet.  No sign of the Dream but C. Mili looks like she’s enjoying motherhood.  More images when you

14 Responses to “Christina Milian & Violet”

  1. shanelle joy said

    Awww she lost her weight already! She and the baby are both adorable and is it just me or is the Dream NEVER anywhere near them??

  2. 私は愛を午前 said

    Two girls, i’ve often given the “Naturally Beautiful” award to: CMilian and Cassie. You can knock them on any other category, but in Hollywood, not many – if any can touch them face wise, they are just PURRRRTY, oh and Kelis too, some might not agree, but she has a pretty face, no matter what or how you feel about her.

    Oh and that’s not an ‘opinion’, that’s a FACT. Dare to challenge?

  3. Michelle said

    Didnt recongnize her.

  4. Kanyade said


    *fans self* my maternal instinct is kicking in. I love wee little babies 🙂

  5. who's that lady said


  6. Aniyaqt said

    Cute…she looks like a teenager!!

  7. Random said

    She has let herself go…*granted she just had a baby* but she began gaining weight before she even got preggers..not a good look!! She was soooo adorable w/a cute little figure!

  8. Atlantaaaaa said

    She has her little snookum bookum. What a precious baby. Christina looks good.

  9. MissTX said

    How nice.

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