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Kim K Promoting Out In Australia

Posted by Media Outrage on April 19, 2010

A company named Optus paid Kim Kardashian to fly out to Australia and make an instore appearance to promote their product.  We could call this: When attention whoring pays off.  The people down under were just delighted to lay eyes on Kim K…

13 Responses to “Kim K Promoting Out In Australia”

  1. MamaMia said

    MO:STOP, I mean, STOP, the madness. This is your lead story? Kimmi and her whole family need to go somewhere and sit down PERMANENTLY. Please stop with the photos. There is nothing to see here. No talent, plastic, hoes need to sit down and never be heard from again. Can we at least get a week rest from the b.s.?

    • Satui said

      I agree..yesterday I realized that if someone asked me where kim k was everyday of last week I could answer them correctly…that’s a damn problem…it looks like someone has put the coco stalker on lock but there is more work to be done with this shit…

      • MissStep said

        Don’t worry, she will fall off the face of the earth just like Paris Hilton….

      • THE ICEMAN said

        But she will still have them stacks. Fuck it let her make the money while she can she will be unpopular one day.

  2. brynnrock said

    Someone on the MO staff really feelin this chick, take a break for a minute. She aint goin no where believe that.

  3. currvalicious said

    She’s just keeping busy waiting for Reggie to call. lol

  4. ucanb2 said

    Make your money… while you can!

  5. Scorpion said


  6. Scorpion said


  7. Aniyaqt said


    Hi I’m Kim Trashian and I’m a whore, Yeah 4 me!!!!!!!!!!

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