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Nelly Confronts KatStacks Live On Radio

Posted by Media Outrage on April 19, 2010

KatStacks called into the VIP Saturdays show on Shade45 with Kimmi Cupcakes and DJ Self and Nelly surprised her ass on the phone and challenged everything she’s ever said about him.  Peep game… click here.

16 Responses to “Nelly Confronts KatStacks Live On Radio”

  1. Yeah I Said It said

    1). My future husband MUST have a body equal to the body above minus the tattoos.
    2). He MUST be willing to lay it down for licking, fucking, sucking at any time day or night.
    3). He MUST have a nine to five, and stick to after work rules come home and take his place as my sex slave.

    4). He may not talk to any woman, answer any questions they ask, and heel at the smell of my kitty cat alone.

    This is what men are put on this earth for. Sex Sex and more Sex with a body like that!….. 😆
    For those men with less than perfect bodies work will do you just fine.

  2. Kanyade said

    LOL ^^^

    Nelly is fine. Funny he put that woman on blast. She is a speshul case. 😦

    • Kingston said

      Girl I know you don’t have my man as your pic LOL! ‘Yade, you missed the post where we were talking about him putting on hella weight. Ms. said it was for a role, and I hope so because his gut is getting in the way lol.

      • Kanyade said

        Hey, I seent them pictures the other day and almost fainted. His hair was flucked UP! Saw him at

        He still my baby-boo. Just too gorgeous. Beautiful!

        *fans self/faints*

  3. MissTX said

    Ooh eye candy! Loves me some Nelly! Thanks MO!

    Gotta wait ’til I get home to here the audio.

  4. Satui said

    heard the audio and…i am so entertained…one thing though she needs to really put a check on that annoying wackass laugh…makes her sound even more like a dumbass (didn’t think that was possible)…iono about nelly though bcause how could she be making all this shit up it DEF seems well beyond her mental capabilities….

  5. Satui said

    on a side note I’m the reason people like nelly should keep their bodyguards bcause I promise if I ever saw this nucca I would kill his ass just to insure no one else could have him…

  6. mekamac said

    big up 2 nelly

  7. Sapphire Storm said

    Nelly is cool. He and Murphy Lee would come to our campus & just chill in the student lounge or come to our frat parties just to say hi & hang with the STL students. No fan fare or anything. You’d just walk through the grounds and see them sitting on a bench sometimes.

    They set her up so good lol. They made her look like a fool. Did she really think she would get respect from people?

    • Kingston said

      Thank you!

      How about Superhead, when she’s going off on interviewers because she’s supposedly a “high class Hollywood Ho” now and she’s no longer just freaking rappers. She take offense when interviewers ask her about the celebrities that she’s been with, when her whole book and the sole reason why anyone has ever heard of her, is because of her conquests with these rappers. LOL @ groupies wanting respect. Please.

      • Sapphire Storm said

        LOL! You made a name for yourself by listing the dicks you’ve sucked… Now you want me to talk to you about anything BUT who’s dick you’ve sucked??? I’m confused lol.

      • Kingston said

        LMAO! Exactly. That’s all I’m saying too Sapph.

  8. Kingston said

    She’s a whore and if she’s lying on Nelly then he has every right to confront her.

  9. WHO'S THAT LADY said

    WOW! poor girl i wonder what her mother has to say. i know shes so proud of her lil kitty. lol

  10. MissStep said

    Now that is one good-looking man right there!

  11. Nina said

    Is body is a work of art in this pic.

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