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Question Of The Day???

Posted by Media Outrage on April 19, 2010

Our question of the day on this wonderful Monday afternoon comes in relationship form. 

Ladies and Gentlemen readers of MO, if you were married and found out that your spouse cheated multiple times with the same person, would you be able to forgive them and keep the marriage in-tact if that’s what they really wanted??  If your mate begged for forgiveness and promised not to venture outside of the marriage again and wanted to stay together would you be able to do it??  Have at it…

33 Responses to “Question Of The Day???”

  1. brynnrock said

    I wouldn’t be able to cause I would not trust his ass and it would be hell for him.

  2. mitch said

    HELLLLL NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yeah I Said It said

    If he cheatin like that over and over, I would have to think either I must not be puttin it down,or our shit is stale. Whatever the case I need to let him move on cause if not he might be dead on the railroad tracks inside a garbage bag badly burned up!!!

    • ucanb2 said

      Lil Sis….slow down,I don’t want to bring you commissary!
      You know how we do it KEEP IT ON THE DOWNLOW…NOBODY HAS TO KNOW .
      He won’t know what hit him! LOL

      • Yeah I Said It said

        LOL… I promise when they find him, my acting skills will outdo Jamie Fox doing Ray

        For a man to cheat and keep doing it, makes you wonder was he in it for my pockets if I have more than him?

        Was it for a place to stay cause he was staying with his mother? What ever brings us to the point I find out, best thing to do is roll out before it becomes a serious misunderstanding and death occurs.

  4. whos that lady said

    No once the trust is gone theres nothing left. U would spend the rest of ur life spying and worring. Its not worth it life is to short 2 be worried all the time

  5. Cut Up said

    I don’t think I could do it. I never been in the position though so I really don’t know. I guess it depends on how much you love that person. I’ve seen a lot of strong folk go through it. I’d like to think that it would be til death do us part but, We human.

    Having put someone in that position before realizing afterwords that I literally sliced her heart in half by having my head up my ass I vowed to make sure I never break someone’s heart like that again. I felt like I killed somebody. Folk gotta stop all this infidelity horseshit. If you can’t be loyal don’t be at all. Sandra probably can’t eat,sleep,think. That shit f&%ks with folks minds. In fact, this is a horrible ?? of the day. LOL

  6. Jessica CY said

    Multiple times with the same person? Sorry I would be devastated that my husband went outside of our union to play. It would be over.

  7. Ambassador said

    If she look as good as Kobe wife then yeah…. No Problem! lol.

  8. Jolie said

    I would forgive him so that I can move on, not forgive him to get back with the relationship. If he cheated with the same person multiple times, I would obviously think that there’s something more between the two of them then just sex. I would be stuck on whether he loves her more then me and that would drive me crazy. So no, my insecurities and distrust would not allow me to stay in the marriage. I think you have to be a really strong, secure person to be able to stay in the marriage after so many infidelities. Or maybe, a weak person who thinks that they can’t do any better would stay in a marriage like that.

  9. cnessa1972 said

    That’s a hard pill to swallow. I would leave him and take half, and start dating someone else.

    This nigga got caught trying to rape some little white girl. I couldn’t get over that!

  10. 私は愛を午前 said

    Mmmm… the first answer that popped into my mind was NO! Then i thought about it some more and still got NO!

    I considered the fact that we might be married for like 20 years with children and i just couldn’t answer as quickly. I honestly can’t say ‘no’ in all cases as i’ve never been in them. I don’t love easily but love deeply so, i know for a FACT that i would be a mental case. I doesn’t matter if it was with multiple people or same, multiple times or one, it’s the fact that he CHEATED. Just the thought of doing that to him KILLS ME, much less carrying out the act, so i would question very strongly the fact that he could do it to me, as if my love for him is more than what he has for me or is willing to give. I couldn’t look him in the eyes anymore, i couldn’t trust him anymore and certainly couldn’t love him the same.

    So i guess after that deliberation, my answer is still… NO!

    P.S. If he has some sexual disorder and is unable to control his libido ( no, not what Eric Benét has, halle berry just couldn’t bring herself to the fact that she is ‘halle berry’ and got cheated on)i might stay a while and try to help him, i would be more on the sympathetic side than the angry side. Still say NO!

  11. Verbalism7 said

    HELL NO!!! If they really wanted the marriage, they wouldn’t have step out MULTIPLE times. An apology means nothing in this case.

  12. Mr. 13in said

    Oh yeah…

    I’d stick around and torture his ass. Make a good old-fashioned pussy out of him, by setting him up to question his manhood and fail.

    I’d continue to spend and invest his money and make him pay in ways he could never figure out.

    Oh yeah…

    The way to get him, is to keep him around and make a girl out of him.

  13. Tony said

    Stick around just to make them suffer like do all type of stupid shit and when your really ready to leave make a sex tape with a bad chick and leave them with copy. Pay back is a bitch……

  14. Mone~Alicia said

    It really depends. I would have to examine my role in the situation. Maybe I was unsupportive or withholding. I know myself well enough to know that I wouldn’t marry a jerk. We would more than likely work it out.

  15. Random said

    He’s Out the door…don’t care if we’re married 30+ years with 10 kids..You even THINK (forget me actully finding out that you did) of screwing around with some other floozy…we’re done..that’s it!!

  16. Ya tu lo sabe babe! =)

    • 私は愛を午前 said

      Leo, i think you and Random need to have one of those “we’re done..that’s it!!” talk lol… she has been less than ‘honest’ with you, right Random? *tapping fingers*

      No te preocupes Leo, cada nube oscura por bien no venga (yo 😆 ) estoy aquí para usted bebé 😉

      • Lmaoo!.. Since were tapping into “Spanish 101” here’s a small dosage… Bueno yo tengo mucha confiasa en mi novia “Random”.. Yo se que ella es honesta con migo y nuestra relacion. Yo la amo mucho y haci se mantiene.. Ms. Behave “Behave!”.. Good written Spanish though..

      • Random said

        well well…would you look at this hussy!! lmao

        Love ya Babe 😉

  17. Monica said

    My husband did cheat and I took him back. As a matter of fact, he had NEVER stopped sleeping with his baby mama from Day 1. I took him back after the begging and crying from him. He did well for two weeks and then back to biz for him. So, NO….Would not take him back. The next man could be seriously regretful but experience in several situations has shown me that if you accept it once, they will expect you to accept again and again.

  18. Definitely not. Once a relationship loses trust there is no moving forward. Deuces!

  19. MissTX said

    Nope. The relationship would be over and done with without a 2nd thought about it.

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