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Is Her Inner-CRAZY Still Visible???

Posted by Media Outrage on April 20, 2010

Lauryn Hill had a crew drill that rock she’s been hiding under into little itty bitty sediments.  Lauryn hit up the Plaza Athenee in NYC for the Tanzania Education Trust Gala And Reception.  It’s good to see Ms Hill out and about – it’s been a minute.  MO readers how does she look?  Is her inner-crazy at all visible?

More images when you

50 Responses to “Is Her Inner-CRAZY Still Visible???”

  1. Random said

    She looks better…those brows need to be tamed…outfit’s gotta go…hair isn’t as bad as before..She was Such a beautiful woman..what happened?!!

    • mekamac said

      she was & still is a beautiful woman, natural Black Beauty is where its at, something a mixed mutt like u would not understand

      • 私は愛を午前 said

        Mekamac? STOP IT!!!! And they say we are ‘hateful’ *smh
        Reverse racism is even WORST that plain ole’ racism… can’t we all just get along?

      • Random said

        Was that supposed to be an insult? a ‘mixed mutt’…really now…failed miserably!
        On another note..I’m not ‘mixed’ with anything…100% Pure Albanian Blood *google it* 😉

      • mekamac said

        sorry but i will not tolerate hate quietly,especially 2 a Beautiful Black Queen!!!

      • mekamac said

        albanian really, well we know how u all get down google it!!

      • Random said

        “Hate”? Where the heck do you see hate in my original post? Did I Not say she WAS Beautiful..She went through her ‘rough times’ and TO ME she isn’t as attractive as she used to be..Maybe you’re just a sensitive/Insecure person who takes everything to heart when it pertains to the “beautiful black queens”…fck outta here with that emotional bullcrap..

      • Random said

        Lol..Chic you really can’t be serious…Let me end this here before I really turn into the insensitive b*tch I can be and you end up hurting yourself over my lil comments..

      • 私は愛を午前 said

        ‘Hate’? Where? All i saw was an observation. I think you might’ve misunderstood what was written, comparing boogie from then to now, there is a huuuggggeeee difference, she went through a rough patch and is now trying to get back to former glory.

        I’m sure you could’ve communicated your displeasure differently, thinking someone has ‘attacked’ your race, you hit right back, not knowing for sure, how does that make you better than the person you ‘assumed’ was doing the wrong? Boogie was and is still beautiful, no dispute there, she’s just trying to get her life.

      • mekamac said

        yes i am sensitive 2 alot of things, insecure never, & lets get this straight theres Nothing a paleface like u can ever do 2 hurt me & i will always bring the emotion when tricks like u try 2 talk slick about (yeah i said it) Beautiful Black Queens

      • Random said

        Lmao…tissue? Paleface *how clever*…another weak insult…coming from a Zezak really doesn’t mean much ;)…Ooops there goes my ‘racist’ a**

        Now, let’s get something straight…I can and will talk ‘slick’ about any black/white/chink/spic/hindu b*tch whether your insecure crusty black a** likes it or not..feel free to whine/cry about it because at the end of the day I’m still gonna continue posting whatever my lil Albanian heart desires..and there isn’t a darn thing you can do about it ahahah 😉

      • mekamac said

        really, dont play youself bitch, you sand niggas all the same

    • BadBadKitty0727 said

      She’s still beautiful. Why do you think she’s not?

      • Random said


        I don’t think she’s ‘ugly’ by any means…but personally she isn’t as attractive *to me* as she used to be..

      • brynnrock said

        I see someone else put you in your place, whoa! she gave it to you real good! Loved it and Laughed my ass off! She got a real slick tongue, knocked you off your square. Made my morning with my coffee sand girl.

      • mekamac said

        what u done, ride that camel on in here sand girl

      • Random said


        Stop following’re giving me the creeps..Seriously!

  2. 私は愛を午前 said

    She was NEVER ‘crazy’ to me, just different, you HAVE to be with that amount of talent. IDK, it’s just ‘weird’ seeing her with processed hair, just unbecoming of “L Boogie”.

    • mekamac said

      there are ways to get your hair straight/curly without processing

      • 私は愛を午前 said

        I’m aware of that, either way, it’s still ‘unbecoming’ of her character “L Boogie”, who professes ‘blackness’… *ciara voice* U Get Me ?!

      • BadBadKitty0727 said

        Apparently “L-Boogie” has grown up and matured into the beautiful Lauren Hill.

      • 私は愛を午前 said

        How can that make any sense when “L-Boogie” was more beautiful than ‘Lauryn hill’? And definitely had her ish together. If that’s what ‘Lauryn hill’ looks like compared to boogie, ‘maturity’ isn’t all it’s cut out to be.

      • BadBadKitty0727 said

        You said it yourself, “character L-Boogie.”
        It makes sense because “L-Boogie” was/is not the TRUE Lauren Hill. L-Boogie is the character she created to market herself as an artist. See Mochalee’s comment below, then hopefully it will become clear to you.

      • P.S. I love MO!!! said

        There is no dispute that ‘Lauryn/L boogie’ is a great singer/rapper, just stop with the pretension, she DOESN’T look as good NOW as she did before, talent withstanding. This more ‘mature’ look is nothing but her trying to get her life back, somewhere in the mix she lost both Lauryn AND boogie, happy to see her and wish her well.

        Obviously it’s her choice to do what she wants with her hair, it’s just that as a fan for many years seeing her with this new coif is a bit ‘odd’, i doubt it’s her ‘maturing’, you say that as if her having her hair altered is some form of a progression. I love Lauryn, i love boogie and i love her contribution to music, just stop pretending as if the fact that someone is great or has money that someone can’t critique them. That photo up top screams a “ I need a makeover- ASAP”, no matter how talented she is. We weren’t presented with a musical track from her so need to delve into music, a PHOTO was presented with the question “Is Her Inner-CRAZY Still Visible???”, maybe YOU should re-visit the title and not try to make this into who loves/hate Lauryn or what level of ‘maturity’ she is in.

        P.S. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is a timeless CD, which can only be imitated, but never duplicated,i have it on all my playlists, love L Boogie or Lauryn, whichever you prefer.

  3. Terrance said

    L-Boog is definitely one of the best female lyricists of all time. Her “Miseducation” cd was released 12 years ago and if you listen to it now it’s still fire. I didn’t know she had 5 kids though.

    • yoy50 said

      “she had 5 kids though” I was going to say the same. Her brows are the only thing I see that needs an assist but she looks great to me! It’s good to see her.

      @ 私は愛を午前 I can curl set my natural hair to come out just like that so she may not have processed hair. I hope she doesn’t because she’s the natural hair poster child! 🙂

      • 私は愛を午前 said

        Either way, it’s still ‘altered’ from it’s natural state, isn’t it? Looks weird to me though, i still see her with locks no matter how much i stare at that photo.

    • Kingston said

      Agreed @ Terrance. That CD is better than half of these nonsense being released today.

  4. LowRidaz said

    That woman is gorgeous!!! just simply beautiful!

  5. MissStep said

    Sooo glad to see her again! Hope all is well, and she drops another album for us real soon.

  6. 私は愛を午前 said

    Oh and Boogie is overshadowing my boy Anthony, looooove him, still rocking to “POINT OF IT ALL “, an album i can pass off to my grand kids and they will appreciate. Two icons, nice work MO!


    Radiant just beautiful im a huge Lauren Hill fan. I do agree the eyebrows need work but everything else is good. Good 2 c her out and smiling…….. On another note mekamac im go say this and be done with u, but u are truly a miserable person! u have a lot of “COMPUTER BALLS”. Everytime some one says something u dont agree with u feel its ur right 2 be disrespectful and u end up sounding DUMB as hell. Its not its away 2 disagree in an ADULT manner. U got beat up and teased alot as a child didnt u? Or maybe mommy and daddy didnt give u enough attention either way u need immediate help. Ok im done.

    • mekamac said

      you may feel im miserable because i speak up when i see bullshit, sorry u are the pushover type, there are no “computer balls” i will always speak real, & sorry i cant agree with your life story my very loving parents are still together after 30+ years & love both their children so why dont you go back 2 sucking armenians dick up there

      • Random said

        lmao@you not knowing the diff. between Albania & Armenia…

        F.Y.I **you uneducated c*nt**

        ARMENIA is located in Southwestern Asia.

        ALBANIA is located in southeastern Europe.

        you’re welcome =)

      • mekamac said

        like i said bitch, all the same

  8. ucanb2 said

    I like her as an artist…but not a fan of this look ((wardrobe/makeup/eyebrows))…Ur hair is however you wish to wear it.

  9. Sumarrain said

    She looks fantastic for a woman with 5 small children.

  10. Jolie said

    Judging by those eyebrows, yes.

  11. Kingston said

    My fave female rapper. I’m trying to ignore those atrocious untamed eyebrows. LOVE her!

  12. Verbalism7 said

    I am sooo glad to see her. She looks wonderful. I hope she’ll grace us with more of her music cause I’m getting tired of these other misfits they call “artists”.

  13. Teena Thomas said

    Still looks a lil off, but she looks 100000 times better than the last pics I saw of her. Come on Back Lauren….. Miss her music!!!!

  14. CaramelKiss said

    She does look better than she has in a LOOOONG while, however you can DEFINITELY tell that she’s been through some shit. Those eyebrows speak volumes to hear troubled past. She is just one episode away from being a female version of Albert Einstein…

    • 私は愛を午前 said

      “She is just one episode away from being a female version of Albert Einstein”… Lol, you know you wrong for that lolol *dwl* 😆

  15. MissTX said

    No matter how she looks, she’s still the best at what she does. Hope she drop another album.

  16. Nina said

    Lauren is attractive but those eyebrows are not the business.

  17. Those eyebrows alone answer that question for ya, but I’ll always ride w/ my girl. Us EC chicks gotta stick 2gether.

  18. Kanyade said

    Out my mind…just in time.

    Maybe she forgot to brush those eyebrows down. Obviously. Or maybe she meant to leave ’em wild on purpose. LOL. Still love this woman. She looks beautiful here; elegant, even regal.


  19. Mochalee said

    She is the greatest of all times, whether we acknowledge it or not. Her eyebrows are like that ON PURPOSE, she said when she was young she used to “dress” for the fans, but a lot of men misunderstood this dressing, so she decided she will not “dress” for “people” anymore. They used her image as sex symbol which she only learned later and said to hell with “dressing” then. This woman is just too smart for this society, “she came before her time”, she is here when the world is not ready for her. There are a few people like those ya know….God bless her.

    • Yeah I Said It said

      What you said! Nothing about her physically matters it’s a small part of who she is period! I too love her music.

    • sweet_tea said

      I don’t know if I’d say she was/is the GREATEST *ducking the ensuing firestorm* but I respect & miss her music. I really liked her best w/the Fugees, under Wyclef’s production. I felt like she had a different sound on her solo album…which brings me to my point: I don’t know that someone can be a ‘musical genius’ off one album. I would love to hear more of her talent though, I hope she gets back in the game. Who knew she had 5 kids? Damn, that’s a reason to get in the studio if nothing else lol…babies gotta eat!

      Her look is cool, things evolve over the years so I don’t get the big deal about not keeping the same hair/clothes/whatever. She looks like Lauryn Hill- funky fresh & a little bit off. It works for her, it’s cool.

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