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Gabrielle Union Tackles D.C.

Posted by Media Outrage on April 21, 2010

The very talented Gabrielle Union was down in Washington D.C. yesterday at Newseum.  She and Bounty teamed up to “Make A Clean Difference” in public schools across the country.  How was Gabby looking??

More images when you

12 Responses to “Gabrielle Union Tackles D.C.”

  1. mekamac said

    she always look nice

  2. MissStep said

    Yes, she always looks nice and classy. Natural beauty, gotta love it!

  3. P.S. I love MO!!! said

    Not sure about the design of dress, shoes or blondish hair, but that main photo up top looks very breath taking, the package is nice, but not the pieces, her makeup is lovely too, that’s what you call a ‘fresh face’ lol, looks really good.

    P.S. Is that a Brown/Black dress?

  4. Kanyade said

    She does look nice always. Good lookin’ out on project clean-up.

  5. Random said

    Pretty girl…horrendous dress/shoes..and I’m not too fond of the blonde highlights either..prefer the black hair on her!

  6. ucanb2 said

    Gabby…always looks nice, I like the difference with the haircolor!

  7. diva_mommy3 said

    I think Gabby is a gorgeous girl but she looks like she is dressed for church, with all of the beautiful spring colors to choose from…why did she choose chocolate brown. Love Gabby but I hate the look!!!!

  8. MissTX said

    She looked nice. Still not too fond of the hair though.

  9. Mone~Alicia said

    Not crazy about the hair colour. She’s looked better.

  10. who's that lady sexy lady said

    Pretty. The hair color is different but its not ugly.

  11. Nina said

    Great…now it’s time for her to tackle an acting career.

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