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Hamptons Home Rents For $35,000 a Day

Posted by Media Outrage on April 21, 2010

While the majority of Americans chase bills and do their damndest to elude those pain-in-the-ass bill-collectors, some are fortunate enough to still be living the life of luxury.  The estate you see up top rents for $35,000 a day in the Hamptons…

The volcanic cloud hovering over Wall Street, touched off by the SEC and the winds of regulatory change in D.C., is leaving wealthy bankers on edge.

But apparently not nervous enough to scale down their summer vacation spending.

According to, a palatial estate in Bridgehampton, N.Y., has been rented out for $500,000 for two weeks. That works out to more than $35,000 a night, making it the highest price ever paid for a Hamptons rental.

Of course, Corcoran Group, which rented the place, won’t disclose the name of the renter. And it isn’t clear if the renter really is a Wall Streeter. A post on said a person close to the deal said the renter is “no one famous nor a company looking to do a big event, just a family willing to fork over $500,000 for their two-week stay.”

Regardless, the eye-popping price is indicative of the broader rebound in property prices in the Hamptons, which relies heavily on Wall Street and other finance folks for demand.

“The Hamptons market has really bounced back,” said Corcoran Presidence and CEO Pamela Liebman. At a time when the broader housing market is seeing rising foreclosures, the Hamptons Bounce is another sign that “Richistan” has recovered, while the rest of the country hasn’t.

So what do you get for $35,000 a night? You get 11.5 acres with a 31,000 square-feet home featuring nine bedrooms, 11.5 baths, a movie theater, tennis and raquetball courts, heated pool, disco, bowling alley and rock-climbing wall.

In case the renter decides he wants to keep the place, it also is for sale — for a discounted $49.5 million.

Who do you think is paying $35,000 a night for a place in the Hamptons?


Mediaoutrage–  If you were CAKIN’ like that would you pay $35,000 a night to vacation somewhere?

20 Responses to “Hamptons Home Rents For $35,000 a Day”

  1. Miss Jia said

    Even if I could afford $35k/night for ANY hotel, house, condo or whatever, I wouldn’t pay it. That $35k could be going towards a downpayment on a home for me to OWN. If you’re on vacation and have a small family (let’s say five, including both parents), what in the hell fuck do you need damn 9 bedrooms for?? I never understood people buying these houses with all these unnecessary rooms anyway. Unless you are a person with a HUGE family or who has frequent guests…several at a time, having a 9 bedroom anything is bullshit.

    I was talking to a friend online a couple days ago about fashion. I’m not fashionista and don’t really care to be. I wear what’s comfy for me. She showed me these women’s jeans that retail for $750+. I gave those jeans the side eye and said that I wouldn’t buy them even if I could, to which she responded “Everybody would spend money in ways that they didn’t think they would be having the money.”

    No….I’d be looking at that $750 and saying…”Okay…I can either buy this ONE pair of jeans that could possibly be outdated this same time next year OR…I can take that damn $750 and “ball out” for a day at the mall.” Fuck that. Even when I do get put on hardcore, I wouldn’t spend money on expensive ass shit when it’s a Target or Walmart in damn near every city of America.

    Sorry to rant but I just hate folks that spend money for dumb shit…and $35k a night for a house you only vacationing and aint trying to own is indeed DUMB SHIT.

    • Victoria K said

      I totally disagree. I think the actual fact of having an enormous amount of money completely CHANGES your mindstate and mentality about life period. Miss Jia I’m sure if you had $100 million in the bank then $750 pair of jeans would be what you purchased. I don’t think you would shop where the regular people who earn $45,000 a year, shop. And my bad this is just my opinion about what a person’s mentality would be after attaining that type of wealth. Why drive a Nissan Maxima when you can push a Mercedes? Most people have 1 car or maybe 2 but if you had millions upon millions I’m sure you’d have an entire fleet of luxury vehicles.

      I had a conversation with a certain high-profile rapper a few years ago and asked him where he shops and his response to me (even though we are friends) was: NOT ANYWHERE THAT YOU SHOP OR CAN AFFORD TO SHOP. I DON’T WANT REGULAR SHIT THAT NORMAL MUTHAPHAKAS CAN AFFORD.

      Lol. I just think the mentality changes. Now the $35,000 a day on renting a home for vacation i might understand that’s ridiculous but then again it’s all up to the person, but i just think money changes mentality.

      • Miss Jia said

        Understood. Another instance tho…I know several people who are what most would consider “ballers” who came for average households (not above or below the means) and they still spend like “regular” people do.

        Even when I was in a position where I was making a lot of money per DAY and living out in Cali, I still didn’t get the “hype” behind shopping on a Rodeo drive and paying $500 for a tshirt, when I can either take my money and design/create my own duplicate or spend that money and get several similar styles from a much cheaper store.

        I agree that the mentality CAN change but that don’t mean that it always DOES.

      • Victoria K said

        That is true and I understand what you are saying. I try and buy what I like regardless of price if I can afford it. When my friend said that he did explain his reasons which were: he’s not attracted to something everyone already has. he likes to consider himself a trend-setter and doesn’t want to be the norm.

        I don’t make that type of money but in the day that I do Lol I will let everyone know whether or not my mentality changed lol. 🙂

      • Yeah I Said It said

        My question for your friend: Who knows you paid that much for whatever unless you tell them. I have friends that shop here in Chicago at Water-Tower as a rule. Unless they tell me where they bought that coat or pair of shoes I think they shop same place as myself, Macys. I also have read of very wealthy people being spend thrifts, they shop in Walmart and Target. Why pay more for the same product I purchase in the avg Macy,Lord&Taylor just to say you can? Wasteful spending is the reason we read about so many people not managing their money very well and not paying Uncle Sam.

    • Mr. 13in said

      People with big $$$$ never worry about small shit.

      It’s a mentality.

  2. emliy said


  3. Ima Be A Drug Dealer Forever said

    That’s exactly why I do what I do because being broke and not being able to afford certain shit has to be one of the most painful things to the soul. I want the cars now. I want the nice crib now. I want the clothes other niggaz can’t afford NOW. I want the bitches them other niggaz that work 9-5’s and still be broke as shit, can’t have NOW. I want to be able to travel where ever the fck i want to go NOW. We need money peeps and anyone that tells you that selling drugs is the wrong way to get it is a muthafckin LIE. Get that shit however you can get it cause the government aint trying to stop the drug game so just get that shit without getting caught. 1

    • Jews Rule said

      ^^^ You sound ridiculous and will probably be making PRISON your home very soon. And some people wonder why they can’t get ahead in life… smh.

  4. Ima Be A Drug Dealer Forever said

    Yea I would do the 35k a night thing if i was ballin on that level sure would jsut to say i did it and have the experience.

  5. Yasmine T. said

    Never MO would I spend that type of money to rent somewhere when I could just build a home the same size that I own. That doesn’t make sense to me. Now if I’m traveling outside of the country and on vacation and there was somewhere that was really awesome to stay and I had it like that? Then yes i would spend that money a day. I don’t believe in wasting and I also don’t think my mentality would change If i came into that kind of chedda.

  6. who's that lady said

    Sh*t im in the wrong buisness! ANYBODY WANT TO RENT MY 2 BEDROOM APT FOR ONLY $500 A NIGHT BEATS 3500.:) PLUS U GET THE LUXARY OF 2 LIL BOYS U CAN USE AS SERVANT. LOL! Just playn but was Bill Gates or someone like him i would rent it just cuz i knew i could. what do u have money for if u dont splurge a lil? hey i say enjoy it while u can when u die u cant take it with u!

  7. Yeah I Said It said

    The only people/person that needs a home that size is folks with a house full of children waiting to be adopted and they were given the home for comfort. Never in my life if I were rich, would I pay that amount of money a day to stay anywhere.

    Think about it, if you were THAT wealthy I am pretty sure you would already own a home according to your taste. Why rent what you may have better? Also as someone said above $35k a day could feed a poor country,or the homeless here in the good old U.S of A.

  8. MamaMia said


  9. mekamac said

    daaaaaammn!!! & im thinking im set because i own a 4 bedroom house, after seeing this i really feel bad 4 myself

  10. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Interesting comments. If I had the kind of money to spend $35k a night on a vacation rental in the Hamptons – I wouldn’t do it. The Hamptons isn’t exotic enough for me to splurge like that, BUT, if it was someplace like the Maldives, then I would definitely give it serious consideration. If I did it, I would treat my entire family and a few close friends to enjoy the experience and not blink twice. Then, I’d have my accountant do some ole slick shit and figure out how to write it off on my taxes – ‘cuz that’s exactly what multi-millionaires/billionaires do.

    When it came to everyday items like clothing, cars, etc. – yes, I would spend more. Why? One word: QUALITY. Granted, “name brand” does not always translate to quality, but, shopping at Wal-Mart & Target wouldn’t even be a realistic consideration.

    You don’t have to spend thousands on a pair of shoes or a pair of jeans to get quality, but I’ll be damned if I spend $20 on a pair of Wal-Mart jeans when they fade & stretch out of shape after 1 or 2 washes. I’d much rather spend $100 on a decent pair that lasts longer.

    Bottom line: it’s not about how much you spend on anything – it’s about QUALITY – the quality of your lifestyle that you can afford.

  11. MissTX said

    I wish I would.

  12. who's that lady sexy lady said

    Hi five badkitty!

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