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A Little Bit Of T.I.

Posted by Media Outrage on April 22, 2010

T.I. was spotted roaming the streets of NYC.  Peep Game

13 Responses to “A Little Bit Of T.I.”

  1. Yeah I Said It said

    Thanks MO for starting my day off right!!! I love the looks of this man.

  2. Lauren said

    Yes.! I Love this Man.!

  3. shakirah said

    He looks good right there although he could use some muscles.

    • sweet_tea said

      Yeah, what happened to coming back from the pen all ripped up? What the hell was he doing all day to still have that bird chest?? *sigh* He could still get it though…he’d just have to wear some platform shoes or I’d have to lay down first so all 5’7″ of me isn’t towering over him…

  4. who's that lady sexy lady said

    I just got hot and bothered! Thanx M.O.!

  5. TIDUB said

    Back off ladies!!! Lol 🙂

  6. Kanyade said

    He’s a cutie-pie. 🙂

  7. Dominikingz said

    Waling NYC like a true Drug Kingpin that he is (sarcasm)

  8. Dominikingz said

    Walking the street like a true mafioso drug kingpin…NOT!!!

  9. MissTX said

    Pissed I had to go to Sandra Rose’s site to see him. But I love him and he was looking good so it wasn’t too bad. LOL

  10. ucanb2 said


  11. brynnrock said

    A little bit of T.I. can have a whole lot of this azz. I have a serious thing for TI and yeah my man knows. He is like why don’t you leave Tiny alone that is his P*$$y. I’m like fuk that, what does he see in her. I just scratch my head, cuz that don’t match no way.

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