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Making It Rain With NO Thunderstorm In Sight

Posted by Media Outrage on April 22, 2010

Oprah Winfrey has been the subject of much media attention regarding the unauthorized biography digging into her past that recently hit stores everywhere but that hasn’t stopped the daytime talk queen from continuously making it rain with no thunderstorm in sight.  Proctor & Gamble know what’s up.  They have signed on for a 3 year deal to run ads on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).  The deal is reportedly worth $25 million a year… 

*Consumer goods corporation Procter & Gamble, the world’s biggest advertiser, has signed a multiyear media deal with OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, which is set to launch in January.

A P&G spokeswoman declined to provide any details about the agreement. But the Wall Street Journal, citing sources, said it was a three-year deal valued at more than $25 million annually involving advertising time and product placement.

OWN is a 50-50 venture between Winfrey and Discovery Communications. The network is taking the place of cable’s Discovery Health Channel as of January 1, 2011.

Winfrey said she will end her popular network daytime television show in September 2011 after 25 years on the air.


Mediaoutrage- Oprah’s going to keep getting CAKE and cake and more CAKE!  Imagine how many other companies will soon follow suit…

10 Responses to “Making It Rain With NO Thunderstorm In Sight”

  1. Kanyade said

    Oprah, please be charitable and pay the remains of my student loans. Please and thank you, signed Kanyade.

  2. Sapphire Storm said

    Hell yeah Yade! I’ll go on her show, cry, bawl, I’ll even accuse a family member of incest if she needs me too (sorry Uncle Ruckus 😦 ). Just sign the damn check!

  3. Yeah I Said It said

    MO can you send Oprahs email address? Private line number? Home address or something to my email address? I want to plea my case and throw myself on the mercy of her heart.

  4. emliy said


  5. sexy lady said

    Man that is my idol right there. Powerful black woman.:)

  6. Nina said

    I have the book and so far it’s booorrringgg.

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