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NFL Draft Kickoff Party

Posted by Media Outrage on April 22, 2010

Larry Johnson (Jay-Z’s BFF) had his middle finger extended for photographers at Greenhouse in NYC the other night during the NFL Draft Kickoff Party.  Ladies how many of you would let Larry talk you right out of your panties??  For those not in the know – he’s an NFL player, so that changes everything right? Lol. 

More images when you

4 Responses to “NFL Draft Kickoff Party”

  1. P.S. I love MO!!! said

    See now MO, now you’re confusing me, i thought you said it was, what’s his name? Yeah, ty-ty, or are you guyz poking a smart one at me, which is it? 😆

  2. Kanyade said

    ????’s all up and in through here. These people no = nada much for my perusing tastes today.

    Blech. 😐

  3. MissTX said

    Why does it appear that the party was full of suspect ass n*ggas?

    • itsurboi said

      RIGHT….. I see that Rocsi was there scopin out draft picks for her 2010-2011 bedsheets and her escort is none other than Terrence 2 Snaps and his wingman Mr. My Lip Gloss is poppin, Sir Neyo.

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