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Check Out LeToya Luckett

Posted by Media Outrage on April 23, 2010

LeToya Luckett did a photo-shoot and here’s how it came out.

16 Responses to “Check Out LeToya Luckett”

  1. ucanb2 said

    She looks good!

  2. Kingston said

    I’m feelin’ it. She looks gorgeous.

    • Patience said

      That really is a cracking hat! Deienitfly adds the glamour factor. And check you rocking the high waisters – you've got such a cracking figure! I'll miss your blog when you're off to India 😦 Still I won't begrudge you the trip! Much 😉

    • STOP THE ACNE WAR AND FIGHT BACK WITH SCMS……… If i can do it you can do it as well……. its not painful at all! i’ve done it 3 times….. its perfect for every type of skin

  3. Kanyade said

    She looks good.

    The lipstick choice is reminding me of a certain taffy I used to eat as a kid…or maybe it was pink sherbet? Oh wait, I get it, that’s like the pink color on Barbie dolls LOL I don’t know that I could rock it as good as she. Very pretty 🙂

  4. who's that lady said

    Pretty. I love the dress and hair.

  5. Lynn said

    That damn lipstick is awful, she always wear that same color, it looks like chalk. Plz put on another color,,,well who really cares, she’s pretty irrelevant.

  6. Firefox said

    You all are such haters it’s ridiculos. Why didn’t yall put the fab picture of the photoshoot of Letoya on the frontpage you lames.

    Letoya is Fierce

    Great photoshoot. Nothing but class

  7. stacy said


  8. Babyb said

    Letoya you are a dime honey.

    Don’t let no one stop ya shine honey.

  9. Tangi said

    I personally think Derek has finally a masterpiece with this photoshoot.
    Her look and the message is great.

  10. Chrome320 said

    Barbie has just put art to a canvas, Letoya you just betta worked that lens lady.

  11. MissTX said

    Nice. I like it.

  12. Verbalism7 said


  13. personalspecialties…

    […]Check Out LeToya Luckett « Media Outrage[…]…

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