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Supermodel Disturbed: Naomi Campbell Punches ABC News Camera

Posted by Media Outrage on April 23, 2010

Naomi Campbell actually had every right to become perturbed and agitated after answering a reporter’s question and then stating that she didn’t want to venture down that road of topic.  The interviewer continued to inquire which led to Naomi abruptly ending the interview and hitting the camera…

24 Responses to “Supermodel Disturbed: Naomi Campbell Punches ABC News Camera”

  1. Yeah I Said It said

    The reporter asked her simple ass why she wouldn’t testify against an African dictator who gifted her with a huge raw diamond.

    Former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, who’s currently on trial at The Hague, is accused of 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity carried out during the 1990s Sierra Leone civil war. Taylor is also accused of using diamonds to finance the war and that’s where Naomi comes in.

    I wish I were the reporter with crew and she shoved me it would be a serious misunderstanding,and f**k the interview from that point on.

    • ucanb2 said

      Go YISI

    • BadBadKitty0727 said

      She stated she wasn’t answering questions on that topic, so why would the reporter try to keep pressing it? What does her diamond have to do with his crimes? Her reaction isn’t justified, but reporters need to know when to fall back.

      • Yeah I Said It said

        Mia Farrow says in 1997 she, Naomi Campbell and Charles Taylor had been invited to stay overnight at the South African home of Nelson Mandela. Mia recalls the next morning at breakfast Naomi announcing to the table how one of Taylor’s men had knocked on her door in the middle of the night and given her a huge uncut diamond. Mia went on to say,

        “You don’t forget when a girlfriend tells you she was given a huge diamond in the middle of the night . . . There’s no doubt in my mind. All I thought was, ‘Gosh, what an amazing life Naomi Campbell has. Probably lots of men are always giving her diamonds.’

        But Naomi, who refuses to testify at The Hague, says it never happened. “I didn’t receive a diamond”

        BBK, I think they want her to testify that she received a diamond to validate their argument of him obtaining diamonds to finance the war and during that timeframe he was able to give her one of the diamonds.

        I agree he should have backed off, Her reaction seem to be violence at every turn for what ever reason. Uncalled for.

      • BadBadKitty0727 said

        OK, I understand better now. Naomi’s caught up in this shit ‘cuz she couldn’t keep her trap shut with her stupid ass. Mia Farrow is one envious bitch! Did she ever SEE the diamond? If not, then she need to STFU!

        Tip Of The Day: Ladies, if you got a man, lover or sugar daddy that’s giving you WHATEVER, keep ya damn mouth closed ‘cuz even your so-called “girlfriends” will be somewhat envious no matter how happy they say they are for you UNLESS they are getting the same (or more) from their man.

  2. ucanb2 said

    So this time…”Loony Bin” is actually justified in being “ a poster child for anger management”??? IJA

  3. Mizzmimi said

    I want somebody to just 2-piece her real good one time so she can realize she can’t just be jumpin out there wit any ole body

    This is when Khia would actually come in handy

  4. Kanyade said

    That yaki is oh so silky smooth. I want that wig NOW.

  5. Kingston said

    I like Naomi, always have, but she is a bitch and this is what we all know. However, that reporter must have been deaf. Didn’t she hear when Naomi say she didn’t want to talk about a certain issue? So why the hell did she keep asking?

  6. Yvonne said

    I don’t condone violence but I hope the next person she raises her hand at will turn around and beat the crap outta her ass. Naomi is not the only crazy person out there. She just haven’t stepped to him/her yet.

  7. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    The reporter deserved it if she had listen to her in the beginning Neomi would not have politely walked off… at least she said thank and good bye minus knocking down the camera man lol!!

  8. sexy lady said

    This broad is phsyco!

  9. Aniya said

    Well that’s what she get 4 keep tryin’ 2 press the issue….Naomi was tryin 2 warn her ass!!!

    **** I’M LOVIN THE BOSTON CELTICS *********

  10. Teelady said

    She keep on with that bull and she gone meet her match

  11. brynnrock said

    She must be hiding something or speak upon it. You speak any other damn time Naomi! That is what an interview is for to get the facts cleared up. Anyway, I seen that movie surronding diamonds and it was not pretty to the children.

  12. nanci said

    Noami has no class whatsover, everytime things dont go her way, she wants to start a fight. She should take the fake wigs off her head, and learn some manners and class. Noami thinks her millions and millions of dollars will bail her out of all the bad things she is doing, she should go back to jamaica.

  13. Reblogged this on msstraightnocut and commented:
    Naomi needs to be dealt with she can’t keep putting her hands on folks!

  14. nicotine said


    Supermodel Disturbed: Naomi Campbell Punches ABC News Camera « Media Outrage

  15. calla lily flowers

    Supermodel Disturbed: Naomi Campbell Punches ABC News Camera « Media Outrage

  16. Jay said

    I think she handled it well 😂💯✌

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