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Teen-age girl Ashley Qualls turned $8dollars into Millions!!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on November 1, 2007

Ashley Qualls

We have now reported on this story twice ( Ashley Qualls pt1) (Ashley Qualls pt2), but it is such an inspirational piece that we had to report on it again.

Ashley Qualls doesn’t sound like a typical high school student. Maybe that’s because the 17-year-old is the CEO of a million-dollar business.

Ashley is the head of, a website she started when she was just 14 — with eight dollars borrowed from her mother. Now, just three years later, the website grosses more than $1 million a year, providing Ashley and her working class family a sense of security they had never really known. Read the rest of this entry »

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Meet the teenager that passed Oprah!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 27, 2007


Meet Ashley Qualls the young 17yr old millionaire entrepreneur that started, a site that young women can go to in order to decorate their myspace pages with pretty flowers, hearts, celebrities and more.

At 17 going on 37 (at least), Ashley is very much an Internet professional. In the less than two years since Whateverlife took off, she has dropped out of high school, bought a house, helped launch artists such as Lily Allen, and rejected offers to buy her young company. Although Ashley was flattered to be offered $1.5 million and a car of her choice–as long as the price tag wasn’t more than $100,000–she responded, in effect, Whatever. 🙂 “I don’t even have my license yet,” she says.

Ashley is evidence of the meritocracy on the Internet that allows even companies run by neophyte entrepreneurs to compete, regardless of funding, location, size, or experience–and she’s a reminder that ingenuity is ageless. She has taken in more than $1 million, thanks to a now-familiar Web-friendly business model. Her MySpace page layouts are available for the bargain price of…nothing. They’re free for the taking. Her only significant source of revenue so far is advertising. To find out how she passed Oprah Winfrey – Yes we said it Oprah Winfrey! Read the rest of this entry »

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Girl makes millions $$$ off Myspace!

Posted by Media Outrage on September 21, 2007

Ashley Qualls making millions off of Myspace! She’s only 17 years old. Her own mom works for her. She has already turned down multi-million dollar offers because she likes what she is doing.

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