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Mel Gibson Might Cough Up $500 Million In Divorce

Posted by Media Outrage on April 14, 2009


Looks like Mel Gibson is on his way to accomplishing something that no other person on Earth has ever been able to DO, and that’s BEAT Michael Jordan at ANYTHING.  Mel Gibson is getting a divorce from his wife Robyn of 28 years.  Eye opener, they didn’t have a PRE-NUP.  Yea he’s F**ked! Read the rest of this entry »

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I want a divorce

Posted by Media Outrage on August 12, 2008

Despite reports that Lisa Raye was committed to resolving their marital differences, Michael Misick has issued this statement via his publicist:

“I am announcing that I am separated from LisaRaye McCoy-Misick. I am committed to dissolving the marriage amicably.  I believe that this is a private matter and will have no further comments. I hope that our privacy will be respected”

Thank Dan for the info!

Mediaoutrage– Well looks like it’s a rap so this cat can continue doing his thing. We bet he’s emailing Rocsi right now like “hey girl it’s a wrap… do daddy one small favor… start strengthening them jaw muscles thanks!”

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Star Jones files for divorce

Posted by Media Outrage on April 23, 2008

Another Hollywood marriage ground into dust. The emaciated looking Star Jones who needs to kill a pig and just eat it, forget cooking it or adding salt just swallow a whole pig because her skeletal is scaring us so bad and has filed for divorce from husband Al Reynolds had this to say….

Via People:

Star Jones says “Several years ago I made an error in judgment by inviting the media into the most intimate area of my life. A month ago I filed for divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is a difficult time in anyone’s life that requires privacy with one’s thoughts.”

The statement concludes as follows: “I have committed myself to handling this situation with dignity and grace and look forward to emerging from this period as a stronger and wiser woman.”

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Jasmine Guy getting a divorce

Posted by Media Outrage on April 8, 2008

Last week Jasmine Guy filed for divorce from husband of nearly 10 years, Terrence Mitchell Duckett. She has a long list of items that she claims is her property such as her wedding ring, five paintings, two sculptures, three checking accounts, full ownership in one production company and half of another, her tax refunds, her Blackberry, four DVD players, pots, pans, and a toaster. The couple also has a 9 year old daughter Imani and there is no indication as to how parental rights will be divided up.

It’s messed up that Jasmine never really jumped into any other TV shows or movies for that matter, because she played the hell out of Whitley Gilbert.


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Paul McCartney will pay over $108million in divorce settlement

Posted by Media Outrage on February 19, 2008

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

Paul McCartney has agreed to pay ex-wife Heather Mills over $108million for just 4 years of marriage. Those are class action lawsuit winnings.

Via Nydailynews:

“Two years after their highly publicized plans for a divorce were announced, Sir Paul has agreed to give Mills more than $108 million – a tidy $27 million for every year of their marriage, London’s Daily Mail reported.

Mills, 40, will pocket a nearly $40 million lump sum, with $5 million annual payments until their 4-year-old daughter Beatrice reaches 18.

The settlement was huge but almost peanuts compared with the nearly $1.5 billion U.S. media magnate Sumner Redstone coughed up to his ex-wife, Phyllis, in 2001 after he got caught cavorting with a young model.

Other big-bucks settlements have included Chicago energy magnate Michael Polsky, $184 million; hoops legend Michael Jordan, $168 million; singer Neil Diamond, $150 million, and golfer Greg Norman and director Steven Spielberg, $100 million each.

As part of the deal, Mills agreed to never speak publicly or write in detail about the breakdown of the marriage, according to the Daily Mail.”

SMH at these power ball jackpot lottery winning settlements.

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Michael Jordan won’t have to pay $5Million to ex-lover

Posted by Media Outrage on December 14, 2007


Via the Chicagotribune:

A state Appellate Court ruled Wednesday in favor of Michael Jordan in his dispute with a former lover who contends that the retired superstar owes her $5 million.

Karla Knafel said Jordan promised her the money for remaining silent and agreeing not to file a paternity suit after she learned she was pregnant in 1991.

Jordan denied making the promise and sued Knafel in 2002, alleging that she was trying to extort money from him. DNA tests later showed that Jordan was not the father of the child.

The 1st District Appellate Court in Chicago ruled Wednesday that even if Jordan made the agreement, the deal was unenforceable because Knafel had misled him about whether he was the child’s father. The ruling affirmed a trial judge’s decision last year.

Knafel knew she had sex with another man about the time of conception, and “her failure to disclose the information … amounts to a failure to act in good faith,” Judge Mary Jane Theis wrote for a three-judge panel.

Knafel’s lawyer Blake Hannafan said Wednesday that he was surprised by the decision and will ask the Illinois Supreme Court to review the case.

Well at least Mike wins this one being that ex-wife Juanita and mother of his 3 children just scored a victory over Mike in what is now the Richest celebrity divorce ever.


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Jerry Rice and wife Jackie getting divorce

Posted by Media Outrage on December 13, 2007

Jackie and Jerry Rice

Looks like Jerry Rice and wife Jackie are getting a divorce.

Via Sfgate:

Records on file in San Mateo County family court show that the ex-wide receiver’s wife, Jacqueline Rice, filed for dissolution of the couple’s marriage back in June, and they are due back in court in mid-January. Meanwhile, their Atherton estate is listed for sale for a reported $22 million.

Jacqueline Rice’s attorney, Lindy Barocchi, told us only that “when the parties are ready to talk about it, they will. They have three children, and they would like the media to be mindful of the fact this is very private matter.”

Jerry Rice’s attorney, Stephen Montalvo, did not return calls seeking comment.

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Hulk Hogan has some things to say about his wife’s request for alimony.

Posted by Media Outrage on December 1, 2007

Hulk Hogan and Linda Hogan

Hulk Hogan had some honest words for his estranged wife Linda Hogan who recently surprised her husband by filing for divorce. Hogan said he found out from a reporter at a newspaper. He was shocked. Well a few days ago Linda came out and said that she wanted half of the marital assets, alimony, and child support. That sounds like the typical request from a spouse of a rich celebrity. Well Hogan has heard enough and he is firing back…

Hulk Hogan said in a court filing that his wife, who has filed for divorce, can support herself and can help support their 17-year-old son Nick.

Hogan’s petition, filed Wednesday under his real name, Terry Bollea, also said Nick is old enough to decide which parent he wants to live with.

Linda Bollea, who filed for divorce earlier this month after 24 years of marriage, is seeking an unspecified amount of alimony and child support.

She also wants her home to be Nick Bollea’s primary residence, with Hogan allowed liberal visitation, her petition states.

Hogan, 54, wants the couple’s assets and liabilities equitably distributed. The celebrity wrestler intends to continue covering the family with health insurance, his petition states. The couple also have a 19-year-old daughter, Brooke.


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Linda Hogan wants half…

Posted by Media Outrage on November 27, 2007

Hulk Hogan and Linda Hogan

In her recent divorce filing Linda Hogan calls the 24 year marriage to Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan) “irretrievably broken”.

As for money, Linda is seeking to split the couple’s assets, which include the 17,000-square-foot Bel Air mansion where the family primarily lives and a 3,474-square-foot home in Clearwater Beach, Fla., as well as a condo under construction in Las Vegas. The two existing homes alone are worth nearly $9.5 million, the petition says.

It seems like people get married these days in anticipation of a future pay off. It’s like firing a powerful CEO, you know he is walking away with a hefty compensation package.


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Hulk Hogan’s wife files for divorce.

Posted by Media Outrage on November 24, 2007

Hulk Hogan

Linda Hogan has filed for divorce from her wrestler husband Hulk Hogan, a newspaper reported Friday.

Hogan told the St. Petersburg Times that he had no idea his wife had filed for divorce. He was informed by a reporter that Pinellas County court records showed that the paperwork was submitted Tuesday.

“Thank you for the great information,” he told the reporter.

My wife has been in California for about three weeks. … Holy smokes,” Hogan later told the newspaper. “Wow, you just knocked the bottom out of me.”

The couple star in their own reality tv show “Hogan Knows Best”.

That’s kind of strange that Hogan was oblivious to his wife’s actions of filing for divorce. Like dude you knew nothing? Does anyone stay married these days? He better start hiding assets because we can already foresee Hulk Hogan’s net worth being chopped in half!


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