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House of Hoops

Posted by Media Outrage on October 13, 2008

LaLa Vasquez, Keith Robinson, video vixen Dollicia Bryan, and a few other unimportant people attended the Nike’s House of Hoops after party this weekend. With Carmelo earning a good $15 million a season she’s definitely set for life. Are you feeling her outfit?

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PCGL & Mr. There isn’t an alcohol strong enough

Posted by Media Outrage on July 28, 2008

PCGL (Pork Chop Grease Lips) aka Nice Look Ne-Yo, Mr. There isn’t an alcohol strong enough (to make any good looking woman without phase 9 Glaucoma sleep with him) aka Cee-Lo, Nicole Scherzinger, and Dollicia Bryan all hit up Cee-Lo’s private CD Release party at Hush yesterday in LA. What’s good with the pic  in the thumbnails of Cee-Lo and the gang where Cee has his tongue just hanging helplessly out of his mouth piece? Nicole Scherzinger seems to really enjoy showing Pork Chop Grease love. Could she be in the beginning stages of F**kin for tracks?

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Bow wow responds to Rita G and Dollicia Bryan diss

Posted by Media Outrage on June 15, 2008

Hilarious. YouTube beef amazing what technology does. Who yall believe?

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Rita G and Dollicia Bryan diss Bow wow

Posted by Media Outrage on June 15, 2008

Just watch it for yourself. They both explain how he tried to get at them. They make him sound like a real lame. In case you’re wondering who Rita G is just click here.

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Oprah Intervenes

Posted by Media Outrage on June 13, 2008

Dollicia Bryan recently spoke to King, about the rumors surrounding a possible relationship between her and Jamie Foxx and had this to say…..

On Jamie Foxx: “We’ve always been good friends, and I cleared that rumor [about us having sex] on his satellite radio show, where he admitted that he really slept with a good friend of mine. Those pics on the Internet came from her camera. He’s supposed to be a naughty Santa, and Claudia Jordan and the other girl were there, and there are pics of Jamie grabbing Claudia’s butt and my boobs. But the girl who has the pictures posted them.… Oprah called and asked him, ‘How can you go from Oscar winner to having pictures like this on the Internet with a video girl?’ That really made me upset.”

Mediaoutrage– Dag even Oprah could spot a potential video ho/jump-off that could possibly be detrimental to Jamie’s film career. It’s all about who you align yourself with in Hollywood. Trust and believe, that many of the couples you see on TV are strategically put together for the mutual benefit, and, advancement of both careers. Who needs love in Hollywood? Folk want progression, Oscars, blockbuster deals, endorsements, and the nonstop favor of good press. So it sounds like Oprah probably said this to Jamie Hey Jamie, hello my ass, you can’t be doing this type of sh*t! What type of sh*t do i mean muthaf*cka? This Dollicia Bitch, isn’t she a VIDEO HO/SKANK associated with that god forsaken hip-hop? Yes empowerment woman just called her a skanky, ho, b*tch, because i let you sit on my couch on my show a few times now, and have worked hard to push your black ass out into the mainstream and you pull this? Yo nix this broad, and cut it off like now. F*ck that, hit that b*tch up on 3-way so i can hear you belittle this b*tch. After the 3 way diss Oprah and Jamie probably had another heart to heart….”Listen Jamie, forgive me, but sometimes i have to get gangsta on some real street sh*t. Yes im all for the women so forgive me for calling her a b*tch, but that b*tch could cost you your Oscar worthiness. You see how quickly they flushed Vivica’s career down the toilet right? And then that b*tch gone be on tape s*ckin some unknown Atlanta d*ck? Oh that b*tch aint ever getting in another pic with me. Look i got to go, see you on my show in a week or two, oh and don’t you EVER! EVER! AND I DO MEAN EVER! tell anyone i was using this type of language. Oh sh*t boy Gayle got the strap-on, on, i gotta go, bye!”

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Dollicia Bryan is enuff to make a dying priest say gotdizzzaaayuuum!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on May 21, 2008

Dollicia Bryan covers the newest issue of King Magazine in all of her curvaceousness. King Mag definitely knows how to pick em. We’re sure that photographer took a few bathroom breaks in which she probably asked him “hey Photographer A what’s this playstation size jar of Vaseline for, that’s sitting on the sink in the bathroom? Is that part of the hair and makeup?” He was like “yea um yeah that’s exactly what it is for to make you glisten just a little bit more honey….excuse me again be right back.” Fellas is she a dime??? Dime or not she is definitely enough to make a dying priest say gotdizzzaaayuuum!

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