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Beanie Sigel headed back to jail

Posted by Media Outrage on January 10, 2008

Beanie Sigel

Beanie Sigel reportedly violated his probation on by going to Atlantic City and also having contact with a convicted felon. His probation was set to end next month but has now been extended 18 months. So Sigel will serve one day in a federal prison and six months of his sentence in a halfway house and will therefore be unable to promote his new album The Solution which is already receiving absolutely no promotion or help from Def Jam or Jay-z.

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Mariah Carey disses the sh*t out of J-Lo!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on January 7, 2008

Mariah Carey

Our girl Mariah has come out in 2008 swinging bo lows like a young Mike Tyson. When asked about rumors of doing a duet with Jennifer Lopez here’s what she had to say….
I’d rather be on stage with a pig — a duet with Jennifer Lopez and me just ain’t going to happen.

All we can say is WOW! Comedy. R&B beef we love it. This is a video of an interview Mariah did a while ago and when asked about Beyonce she said she Loves B. Then when asked about J-Lo she replies “I don’t know who that is.” We love it. That’s some Kobe Shaq beef right there. We found this video over at Ahotmess


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The real reason Jay-z left Def Jam

Posted by Media Outrage on January 4, 2008


Jay just didn’t have time to be President of Def Jam. Well a rep for Jay-Z had this to say…

“Jay is focusing on opening five more 40/40 clubs. He opened Las Vegas on New Year’s and up next are LA, Miami, Chicago, London and Houston. He’s also looking for hotel space in New York. He wants to open a chic, boutique hotel called The Jay. He just didn’t have time to be president of Def Jam. Mr. Carter is still considering several opportunities.”

Yep makes sense. Do your thing Jigga.


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Jay-z’s headed over to Apple

Posted by Media Outrage on January 3, 2008


Well rumor has it that Jay-z and Apple plan to start a record label. Here is what Boygeniusreport is saying:

When we said Apple and Jay-Z were starting a record label, it doesn’t mean that Jay is running it. It just means they are doing it together. What we think will happen is Jay will be on as an “urban” artist, and Apple will go out and make similar deals with other rock and country artists. But Jay-Z has 2 albums left at Def Jam, right? Well, he’s going to develop and attract artists like he did at Def Jam as president. Jay has the power to get artists on the radio, get them media ops, etc. Having him on board for urban artists is the ultimate stamp of approval, and makes total sense. We see this working as a straight distribution model, with little, but some marketing support.

Interesting. Jay said that he didn’t want to continue to do business in this model because it doesn’t make sense so who knows.

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Ne-Yo sues R.Kelly

Posted by Media Outrage on January 2, 2008


In November Ne-Yo was dismissed from the R.Kelly tour without cause he says. R.Kelly’s camp says it was due to contract issues. Well Ne-Yo has responded with a take that beeeeyooootch! lawsuit. Ne-Yo is reportedly suing R.Kelly for an undisclosed 6 figures. We are guessing that he will be suing for the amount he would have grossed from the full tour, had R not started acting like a b*tch. Ne-Yo was paid $50,000 for the first two shows and was supposed to make $785,000.


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Usher speaks about new album possible collabo with michael jackson and family life

Posted by Media Outrage on December 29, 2007


Usher spoke recently to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution  about his plans to release an album by the Spring of 2008. Here’s what he had to say…..

“I’ve been diligently working on creating a masterpiece. It’s going  to be out first or maybe the second quarter. And there will be a video and single out at the top of the year. 

He also spoke about the possibility of a collaboration with Michael Jackson….

“It’s been created, but it’s not recorded. As long as Michael is open to it, hey, anything goes!” 

About his role as a father and husband…..

“I’m really like super dad. I really cook for the family Now I basically do chicken and broccoli and steamed vegetables, because I’m on this diet. But believe me, I can fry some chicken too . . . I really clean up. I walk the dog, myself. I burp the baby. I change the diapers. I’m super dad. And it’s only begun!”


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Alicia Keys is Mediaoutrage’s Artist of the Year!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on December 28, 2007

Alicia Keys

With an astounding 2,350,000 albums sold in six weeks Alicia Keys is Mediaoutrage’s Artist of the Year! That is remarkable being that she hadn’t released an album in 4 years, and with the music industry suffering terribly from music piracy, digital downloads, and lackluster sales. Alicia proved why she is an artist that will stand the test of time and remain relevant to the masses. Congrats Alicia!!!! We are already looking forward to your next album!

A keysA KeysA KeysA Keys

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Yung Joc misses court appearance bail now $100,000

Posted by Media Outrage on December 26, 2007

Yung Joc

Yung Joc who was arrested Sunday morning (Dec.23) for carrying a concealed weapon at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport missed court this morning. Authorities reportedly found a loaded semiautomatic weapon and ammunition in his carry-on luggage.

Yung Joc was released from jail Monday on $50,000 bond, but after his failure to appear in court today, that amount was doubled to $100,000. Yung Joc’s attorney apologized to the judge for his client’s absence, and said that he was out due to a personal issue concerning his family.


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Its a rap for Jay Z at Def Jam

Posted by Media Outrage on December 25, 2007

Jay Z

Jay Z has issued a formal statement announcing his departure from Def Jam at the end of this month. So for all of the rumors and speculation it is now out in the open that Jay Z will not renew his contract with Def Jam. Here is his statement.

“It’s time for me to take on new challenges. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to build upon the Def Jam legacy, helping to move the company into a new era of artistic success.”

L.A. Reid’s statement…

“Jay made it clear to us that he feels the time has come to take on different challenges in his life. While we regret his decision to move on, we certainly respect it … While he will continue to be one of our signature artists, he will nonetheless be missed in this executive capacity.”

Ok so now where will Jay end up? Will he sign on with Columbia or another record label and become an executive again? Will he and Beyonce create a super label? Or will he just focus on Roca-Fella and record like 6 more Jay Z albums and release them? Whatever he decides the dude’s future is bright and like he said on his album, “N*ggas think I’d fall such dummies, even if i fell I’d land on a bunch of money.” Yep.


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Beyonce and Jay Z are not married

Posted by Media Outrage on December 21, 2007

Beyonce and Jay

Despite deafening rumors that Jay Z and Beyonce were secretly married in a private ceremony in Paris earlier this month a rep from Jay Z’s camp is vehemently denying (we love that word vehemently) the rumors of a secret marriage. The rep told AHHThey are not married.

We definitely wouldn’t expect anyone in either of their camps to admit to this if it is true and Jay and Beyonce have expressed their desire to let this remain a secret from the public and nosy ass media. Trust and believe that the first rep that goes on record as admitting that they are actually married if they really are and are not yet ready to confirm this, that rep will be jobless and kicked out of the Beyonce Jay camp.

What do you believe? Are they married or not?


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