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Get in the game first dawg

Posted by Media Outrage on May 8, 2008

T.I. was on the radio recently and spoke about Shawtie Lo who has obviously gotten quite out of pocket. T.I. had some funny stuff to say you definitely want to hear it. Listen Here.

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KRS gets hit with bottle while performing for peace

Posted by Media Outrage on April 21, 2008

KRS-1 was the victim of a bottle smack up by an ignorant fan while performing a ‘Stop The Violence’ concert at a New Haven, CT club. SMH.

Via AHH:

Rap legend KRS-One suffered a fractured right hand at the hands of an angry fan, during a recent performance at a New Haven, CT nightclub.

The fan, who became upset after being escorted off stage by the club’s security staff, threw a bottle in the direction of the stage, striking KRS-One in the face and hand.

Despite the fan’s hostility, KRS-One remained calm as he urged the crowd to “Let it go.” “Let it go. When negativity comes your way, let it go,” said the rapper, who was rushed to to Yale-New Haven hospital in an ambulance.

The legendary rapper was treated for a fractured hand and dehydration, after his right hand swelled up and became painful during the last 15 minutes of his set, at the Toad’s Place nightclub.

“Let this be an example as to how we stop the violence,” KRS-One said.

During his stay at the hospital, KRS-One was urged to postpone all previously scheduled appearances until he rehydrates and his fractured hand heals.

Despite his request to not charge the fan for the incident, the KRS-One’s management team and the staff of the nightclub advised him to have the fan arrested for legal purposes related to the postponements.

KRS-One’s New Haven performance was one of a string of appearances the rapper made during multi-city tour in support of his Stop the Violence Movement.

The outing, which includes stops in some of the nation’s roughest neighborhoods, is geared toward promoting KRS-One’s message of nonviolence.

Mediaoutrage– KRS-1 gets a lot of props for responding in such a classy and non-violent manner. It’s that type of reaction to such ignorant violence that made Dr. King an extraordinary leader. That fan definitely deserved to get stretched, and then have the running man done on his back, but what a great display of love and peace by KRS.

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Cyssero freestyle

Posted by Media Outrage on March 31, 2008

Shout to loyal reader Ameen for sending the video. This is an old freestyle of up and coming Philly rapper Cyssero who has drawn continuous comparisons to Cassidy.

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50 host Fat Joe’s funeral service

Posted by Media Outrage on March 23, 2008

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Snoop doesn’t like Oprah

Posted by Media Outrage on March 8, 2008


Snoop Dogg has a problem with Oprah. He no longer likes Oprah because of the way that they used him as a major subject on her show last year, in which she called to light some of the misogynistic lyrics that hip-hop songs propagate. The problem he has with her is that he wasn’t invited on the show to defend himself against the allegations. He said he was a fan of Oprah’s and liked her, but not anymore.

Via Nymag:

“I don’t like her no more. I really was offended, because I kind of like her. Liked her. I’m very articulate, very intellectual. She didn’t even get a chance to even know me.” She might have learned that the rap star is cleaning up his act: His new album, he told reporters, “is for the women.” He said he wanted to “give the ladies something, because I’ve been so mean and so rude.” But Snoop doesn’t really mind being criticized. “My mama always told me, ‘Any time they’re saying something bad about you, you’re doing the right thing, baby,’ ” he said. “If they talked about Jesus, it’s all right for them to talk about Snoop Dogg.”

Mediaoutrage– We definitely feel that Oprah should have had more rappers on to defend themselves and really have an even forum. Then again we feel Oprah has really completely snubbed hip-hop and the good that it has produced, such as successful entrepreneurs and business men like Jay-Z, Master-P, Damon Dash, Jermaine Durpri, and Diddy (he was only on her show because he ran the marathon). These young men have created thousands of jobs with clothing lines, record labels, restaurants, clubs, and stores. Hip-Hop is an integral force in just about every industry so it’s ashame that it is completely ignored by Oprah even if she does disagree with some of their lyrics about women. At the end of the day if Jay-Z, Snoop, and other rappers have referred to women as b*tches and hoes, we’re sure that you have women out here that don’t respect themselves at all and ones that do. But when Oprah has given a platform to members of the KKK, and convicted child molesters, then it’s a terrible insult to some of the aforementioned names to shut them out.

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throwback of the day:Queen Latifah U.N.I.T.Y

Posted by Media Outrage on February 6, 2008

Who you calling a b*tch! This is way back when lyrics made so much sense and stood for something. Queen was the bomb.

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Another Balboa freestyle

Posted by Media Outrage on February 1, 2008

To hear more from Balboa check out

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Balboa he’s sick

Posted by Media Outrage on January 28, 2008

This kid’s nice

To hear more Balboa check out

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Ne-Yo addresses R.Kelly beef and nonstop gay rumors

Posted by Media Outrage on January 16, 2008


In an interview with Essence Ne-Yo spoke about the beef with R.Kelly and also addressed the gay rumors. Yo this cat strikes the same exact pose in every picture he takes.

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Remy Ma fires back at Kim

Posted by Media Outrage on January 15, 2008

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