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Guess What Just happened to J-Lo???

Posted by Media Outrage on February 23, 2010

We’ll save you all the ridiculous hints… click here.

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Celebrating His Birthday

Posted by Media Outrage on September 17, 2009


J-Lo and Marc Anthony were at the W Hotel in Washington D.C. last night celebrating his birthday.  Yes folks,  Skeletor turned another year older.  Looks like they were able to weather the rocky storm their relationship encountered a few months ago.  Good for them.  More birthday pics and the couple watching President Obama deliver a speech during the Congressional Hispanic Caucus when you Read the rest of this entry »

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Really Bruce Willis???

Posted by Media Outrage on June 19, 2009

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis had absolutely no words while in Hollywood during an art exhibit.  Find out why when you Read the rest of this entry »

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Is J-Lo’s donk trying to make a come back???

Posted by Media Outrage on October 24, 2008

Jennifer Lopez was showing off that nice figure last night, in a skin tight dress, as she attended the Fashion Group International’s 25th Annual Night of Stars at Cipriani on Wall Street. We all remember J-Lo in her In Living Color days when that donk was ri-damn-diculous! After the crazy club shootout with Diddy, it seems as if her people advised her to get away from his crazy ass and make that cross-over into the mainstream. We always wondered was that one of the reasons she slimmed down and lost the donk. We think so. We just want to know does it look like it’s trying to make a second showing? The donk that is… So all you donk analyst let us know your findings….

If the jury’s still out on whether her donk is making a comeback then proceed and analyze more evidence and Dr. Evil ( Designer Karl Lagerfeld) rockin’ the exact same outfit Read the rest of this entry »

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Who’s the bigger celebrity???

Posted by Media Outrage on July 15, 2008

This is our first of many to come in the category of Who’s The Bigger Celebrity??? We want to know out of Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce who would you guess is the bigger celebrity? Mediaoutrage readers not who has more money, or looks the best lol, or is the sexiest, or who’s vocals are better, or who dresses the best but simply who is the bigger celebrity. And we want you to explain how you came to your conclusions.

Now to see some photos of J-Lo yesterday in NY yesterday for a photo shoot for Elle Magazine sporting an Oscar de la Renta dress Read the rest of this entry »

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Not even for $9000 a month

Posted by Media Outrage on July 12, 2008

According to the National Enquirer J-lo and Marc Anthony are having trouble keeping their nannies employed. It is said that Lopez and Anthony are willing to shell out $2,250 a week for a live-in nanny to care for their twins Max and Emme which totals $9,000 a month, but the nanny would have to work 16 hour days 7 days a week. Usually families will hire 2 care takers for twins. J-Lo has had two nannies quit on her in the past few months due to poor working conditions and has yet to find a replacement. That’s interesting because $9,000 a month equals $108,000 a year which is a pretty nice piece of change.


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J Lo spotted in NY

Posted by Media Outrage on March 29, 2008


A post-pregnant J-Lo was spotted in NY last night carrying a big handbag and rocking some equally big ass glasses. It’s good to see that she lost all of her baby weight. We hear that she and Marc Anthony have been running through that $6million check from People but that’s whats up spend that paper and help out the economy. Who can tell what kind of bag that is???

JloJloJloJ Lo

To see a few more pics of J-Lo in NY Read the rest of this entry »

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J-Lo’s twins

Posted by Media Outrage on March 20, 2008

lopez Twins

Here is the first look at J-Lo and Marc Anthony’s twins Max and Emme photod by People Magazine and the issue hits newsstands on Friday. People payed J-Lo $6million for the exclusive shots of the newly born twins.

Image Source 

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News reporter accidentally says ‘blow job’ while talking bout J-Lo

Posted by Media Outrage on March 10, 2008

We know what this guy had on his mind.

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J.Lo doesn’t want to be called J.Lo anymore

Posted by Media Outrage on March 9, 2008

J Lo

For a $6million check Jennifer Lopez agreed to provide People Magazine with the first shots of her twins but according to TMZ she demanded that People not refer to her as J.Lo during the article and allow husband Marc Anthony to take the photos. Reps for People say that her demanding not to be called J-Lo “is absurd”.

We can understand her not wanting to be called by that moniker. She’s a mother now and probably just wants to get her grown woman on.

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