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Stealing from a dead man…

Posted by Media Outrage on November 16, 2007

James Brown

A company that handles royalties and income from commercials and other projects for James Brown’s estate has significantly less money than it should, a lawyer for the late soul singer’s family said.

Much of the money that was supposed to be going to James Brown Enterprise Inc. instead ended up in a company established by a former trustee accused of misappropriating $7 million from the singer, attorney Louis Levenson said Thursday after a court hearing to sort through Brown’s finances.

The company collected money earned by Brown’s endeavors while he was alive and continued to do so after he died on Christmas, but never gave the money to the singer, Levenson said.

That probably the greatest entertainer of all time should be essentially working as an indentured servant for a company that he has no ownership of is absolutely irresponsible and insulting,” he said.

David Cannon, who quit working for the estate in August after being accused of taking money from it, testified that Brown’s work earned millions of dollars a year.

He said he would give Brown $100,000 a month for “walking-around spending money” because the singer had difficulty managing his finances. Cannon said his company would pay expenses such as plane tickets and equipment needed when the singer went on tour.

Judge Jack Early ordered Cannon to pay $373,000 to Brown’s estate within five days, but Cannon said he couldn’t afford that. He instead offered his beach property in South Carolina which he said was valued at nearly $2 million.

Cannon acknowledged that in August he made an $866,000 deposit to build a house in Honduras, where he planned to retire next year. He said he was currently unemployed and being audited by the IRS.

“You’re treading on very, very, very thin ice,” Early said as he questioned Cannon about the deposit on the house.

The judge ordered Cannon to provide all of his financial records within 10 days.

The hearing also revealed other financial problems facing Brown’s estate.

The “I Feel Good Trust” established by Brown to help poor children attend school in Georgia and South Carolina has run out of money, said Levenson, the family attorney.

Send this cat to prison.


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She lied!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on November 10, 2007

James Brown

We reported to you a day ago that 73 year old Velma Warren Brown was claiming to have been James Brown’s first wife and to have never divorced him which would entitle her to a major chunk of the late singer’s $100million estate that’s now up for grabs by what seems to be a tribe of illegitimate children popping up everyday.

Well Velma did marry The Godfather Of Soul in 1953 as she states but a Georgia divorce record was filed for James Brown and Velma Warren in Richmond County in 1969. Velma’s lawyer now who is David Bell said he was unaware of the divorce filing back in 1969.

Velma still says that the couple produced a heir daughter named Lisa Brown who was mentioned in the handwritten divorce settlement between Brown and Warren. Lisa was 5 at the time. Lisa was not mentioned in Brown’s will. It’s so ashame what people do for money.


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Woman says she never divorced James Brown!

Posted by Media Outrage on November 9, 2007

James Brown

This is just wild.

A Georgia woman who claims to have married James Brown n 1953 says in court papers they were never divorced and she wants to be part of his estate.

Velma Warren Brown, 73, filed a sworn statement in Aiken County court Wednesday claiming she was never served with divorce papers and didn’t sign any agreement severing her marriage to the late soul singer. Brown died Christmas day at age 73. Read the rest of this entry »

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